The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

November 14, 2006

My Meeting with MJ The Infomaniac

WHO IS.....................


She definitely is not the paper-bag-faced male above, but that's the only pic I could find to illustrate my point that she is among the most mysterious of Blogger's bloggers.

I met MJ The Infomaniac in Vancouver on the weekend, curious about this faceless, nameless poster of all things wacky and wild, a woman of few words but many images, some pretty outlandish.

She values her privacy and her persona, so I will keep that secrecy intact. Suffice to say we met at a bar near her home address, which is...

Just kidding!

I believe I can tell you that she is about 5-foot-3, slim, older than 40 and younger than 50, with shoulder-length brown hair, a beautiful smile and an engaging personality featuring spontaneous outbursts of laughter.

She's very alive and fun to be with and talk to. And she made me walk 25 minutes back to my hotel in the rain because the cab she said I'd be able to catch never showed up as she walked back to her home and her husband.

MJ is a far more gifted writer than she would let on by the sparse words she uses in her posts and she comes by her nickname "Infomaniac" honestly, although I can't tell you why or she would kill me.

In fact, I'm not sure I can really say anything else about her, because I will spontaneously combust. So we'll just leave it at that it was a pleasure to meet, for the first time, in person, a fellow blogger whose initials aren't HE.


  1. The spontaneous outbursts of laughter are the result of me going off my meds.

    Everyone who reads my blog knows I'm 97. But thanks for the compliment.

    Very alive? I should HOPE so!
    *wonders what WW does in his spare time. shudders at the thought*

    And that really IS me with the paper bag over my head. My husband says it's an improvement and, in fact, it's a marital aid.

    Oh, and great meeting YOU, WW!

  2. A marital aid? *Wonders what MJ and hubby do in THEIR spare time*

    MJ sounds like she is right out of a le Carre novel..does she work for CSIS? Is she a modern day Mata Hari? What is she hiding from us?

    I have already decided that she has a great sense of humor and I would expect her to spontaneously combust with laughter at any given moment. That must have been fun.

    I am thrilled that you finally had the opportunity to meet another Blogger whose initials aren't FU!

  4. Great idea to combine a work visit with meeting a (mysterious)infomaniac.

  5. HE:

    HA!!! If I told you all that, she'd have to kill me...

    Are those your new initials? FU? I like 'em.


    And she IS very mysterious...

  6. she sounds so interesting! i'm going to go read her site now!

  7. little information, yet, so much more than I know already!

    My investigation continues. Of course...I will keep my progress to my self. *evil laughter*

  8. Angel:

    Hello...are you still with us after your visit to MJ's site? Did you consult the SA Dept. of Censorship?

    She's a hoot...


    Why will you keep your progress to yourself? She didn't say I couldn't pass what I know on to YOU!!!

  9. well, dang, tell! Spill! My investigation has been futile. Although, I have a feeling I will solve it eventually. I must erase the image of Betty Crocker from my mind...right now, that's who MJ looks like.

  10. hey ww- i visited mj- the first post i saw was "googly eyes on a cock"!!!
    har har!

  11. Awaiting:

    What more can I tell you...we seemed to both agree she was "curvy," but she dictated that only I could make that observation.

    I think I can safely say she bears no resemblance to Betty Crocker, unfortunately...


    Ha! And "googly eyes on a cock" was tame, for MJ! Sometimes I visit her and just can't comment, too raunchy for me.

    But like I said, and she knows this is true and no offence to her, she's outlandish and sometimes outrageous.

    But that's MJ.


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