The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

November 6, 2006

The Faerie Tale of George Dubya Bush

So this guy decided to show...


And for all those lives lost, both American soldiers and Iraqis, this old man is all he's got to show for it:

And now Saddam has been sentenced to death. Surprise!

Bush has called it a victory for Iraqi democracy or something silly like that, even as his own armed forces continue to call for Donald Rumsfeld's head, even as Bush's Republicans teeter on the precipice of electoral defeat.

And even as, on Monday, a Republican governor he was trying to help get re-elected in Florida decided to pass up that opportunity to show up somewhere else instead.

The jig's up, Dubya. Listen to the people. Pull the boys out of Iraq.


  1. It's like he lives inside a story like Star Wars and is trying desperately to be Luke Skywalker by creating a world which requires a Darth Vader.

  2. OK, so Dubya doesn't really know that much about being a world leader..
    but he did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night!

  3. Is it just me... or is anybody else 99% certain he's some kind of genetic throwback to pre-historic man?

  4. ANdrea: i am seeing a sith lord hovering, "George, like your father you are now mine"...

    My concern with pulling out now is it will descend into absolute carnege. We made this mess (the coalition of the coerced/ willing) it is our responcibilty to fix it up.
    But set a a definate date to be out by, and make the progress so the iraqi people can have their home back.

  5. Andrea:

    I kinda thought he was more like Jabba the Hutt myself.


    Latest headline I see as I head to bed is this is the worst time for the Reflublicans since Watergate.


    No, it's not just you...


    The place is already chaos, I think far worse with the coalition troops (read U.S.) there.

    It's already absolute carnage. What "we" did was remove a tyrant, yes, but there was order.

    Now it's a free-for-all motivated by hate for the Americans and by the religious factions at war.

    I don't think Iraq is ready for democracy, certainly not to have it jammed down their throats.

    I think America has to get out, with the UN going in with some sort of semi-orderly transition.

    Or if that's impossible, out the religious leaders and ask them what they want to have happen. A puppet democracy set up by the U.S. can't work.

    If all else fails, bring in hundreds of thousands of more troops to stamp out the insurgents.

    The worst thing, I figure, is to leave it as it is, with insufficient troop numbers and both soldiers and civilians dying the way they are.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Today is election day and unlike you, I get to vote!!! and I am rooting for a man named KINKY just because I like his name. Any man whose name is KINKY deserves to be governor of Bush state. KINKY, a New York Jew who promises to enforce the law. KINKY smokes big cigars, wears black cowboy hat and boots and is the first candidate that enabled Democrats and Republican elistists to share a cup of Starbucks coffee together without gouging each other's eyes.

    Sorry about the delete, I wanted to say one more thing, but now I forgot. KINKY got me all excited...

  8. Ces:

    Hey, I'd vote for a guy named Kinky too. Well, go for it. X marks the spot.

    Frontier Editor gave us Canajuns permission to vote but I don't think I'll be able to make it.

  9. The countdown has begun. And such a cause for celebration. I really need to catch up on my politics to see who will be in the running. I got a call from Bill Clinton reminding me to vote today. Ok, not really him, a recording...but I will be off to the polls today!

  10. Awaiting:

    So you've beamed back to Earth, then, just for voting day? Where ya been, girl?

  11. I remember being (perhaps naively) shocked the last time the American citizens voted for him to stick around. I went to Vermont the weekend following that election and every Vermonter with whom I spoke was very upset about the political climate in their country. I still don't understand (again, perhaps that's my naivete shining through) how he can still be in power while so many Americans seem to be so unhappy with him.

  12. thank you, ww, for a well written editorial. i am at this very moment on my knees praying the democrats take the house. i am modestly hopeful.

    i apologize to canada for all these unamerican actions. i'm trying to do my part in my happy little blue state....


  13. Right now...I am at my old blogger account.

    Come know the my pic...and it will lead you to awaitingville.


  14. There are going to be great changes soon!

  15. Let's hope they get rid of the cockroach (sorry to cockroaches for insulting them!)


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