The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 8, 2006


To Southern Ontario, the land of milk and a honey.

Catch you all later...


  1. my legions of readers...(uncomfortably long pause)

    cue lonely coyote call in the distance..."owoooooo"

    cue 3, 2 ...

    now cue Donnie.
    I for one will miss your deep insightful posts on farting.

    You be careful in the vortex of Upper Canada..ya hear!
    Everyone out here knows that the 'Centre of the Universe' is a hotbed of iniquity, romance, and intrigue.

  2. Well, I didn't want to single you out and put any unwelcome attention on you.

    Thus "Legions," all 4.76 of them.

    I hear the coyotes and crickets too, so what better thing than going fishing (next to farting)?

    Packing my rod and my lures right now...

  3. yes these legions are a fickle never know which topic will pique their interest.
    I of course am your biggest fan and that is why I tease you so.

    You had better pack a couple of rods in case you break one. Atleast rods are skinny and telescopic..easy to pack. (yours anyway thank goodness)

    Remember where you are from, Friendly is still on our License Plates. So when you are out in the bush and you see a little man in a canoe, wave your hands about vigorously and don't forget to smile!

  4. No, I have the unbreakable, guaranteed for life brand -- sturdy, well-mainted, popular...

    You're just jealous you're not heading into the bush with a canoe and fishing rod.

  5. when r u bakk? Have fun :)


  6. Count me in as one of your legions waiting for your blogging return to wrench me from daily tedium into the delirium of flatuance, and all the while I shall be jealous of your canoe in the bush, save for the fishing - skinny telescoping poles and all. Have a good holiday luvie. Cheers to you.

  7. Hiya Keshi...

    Back in a week or so. Might still barge into Bloggerville from the road, I suppose.

    Lady (Yo Yo) Wordsmith)...

    I'm sure you will be waiting with baited breath (and plugged nose) for more on flatulence.

    But my flatulence flirtations are over, at least for now.

    The Homo Hominid guy got into the canoe in the bush with telescoping rods images, you can't but laugh...

    Off to cast the line in shortly, with HE as my chauffeur to the airport.

    I'm sure the canoe jokes aren't over with yet -- he and I once capsized in a real one.

  8. Which of you is leaving - Within, or Without?

  9. Hey Darius...

    Brilliant question.

    I'm going Without to satisfy Within, or at least to explore that possibility.

    Wanted to say I had a much more indepth read of the thread of your last blog, where you disclosed about your physical difficulties and your struggle with getting care.

    This made me think all the more about how remarkable it is your mind works the way it does as illustrated through your thoughts on your blog.

    And how strong you really are.

    Perhaps I should be posting this on your blog, not on mine, but it's amazing how you can develop connections without ever even seeing someone, let alone meeting them in person.

    Your heart and mind and intelligence come through in what you write...not just in the post itself but in your responses to the comments of others.

    I hope you realize the impact that you have and that you have some sense of pride about that.

  10. Is it something I said? Second turn I pop over and he's shut up shop and gone fishing. A less confident creature might start to get paranoid.

  11. Hey, Cherry...

    NEVER anything you said. Your wit brightens my day and so many others'.

    As Ahnold said, "Awl be bach."

  12. Thanks Keshi...and that was a fascinating post on passion, thanks for it...

    Could you see him again, if only by chance?

    Talk soon.

  13. You talk about farting on this blog?
    *runs off to check out previous postings*
    I'm in!

    I found you through Homo Escapeon's blog.

    Where in southern Ontario?

  14. Hi MJ...thanks for dropping in!

    And congrats to the Azurri. Have watched you and HE duelling, it's been fun to see.

    Heading to Simcoe via London via Hamilton, to hit Long Point at some point.

    Anywhere near you?

  15. I'm in Vancouver but I'm originally from Ontario so I was just "pining for the fjords" so to speak.

    And thanks for the congrats. Very kind of you to say so. Unlike some people.

  16. **Could you see him again, if only by chance?

    lol dunno..lets wait n see...u neva know he might be ard the same mall again :):)


  17. Within, Without, thanks - and I caught up with the comment you left to my blog a couple posts back and responded there -

  18. Did I catch someone here refering to your rod as pencil thin and telescopic?

    I've heard some insults before, but that's down right mean. Fight back baby!


    Yes, of course it was none other than Homo Escapeons. He makes wild, outlandish statements all the time, as you know.

    I don't have to fight back about the girth and scope of the rod I brought on my "fishing trip."

    It worked very well.

    If I was to tell you the number of times he and I exchange little barbs like this...

    Just ask him who's doing all the fishing nowadays and who's doing all the catching of fish...

    I'll get around to checking your blog, but how was the Pamela's Big Adventure?

  20. so what did you do while you were there?

  21. Angel, baby...

    See the baboon and Pottahawk Piss-up posts.

    Plus I farted sometimes, got gouged by a cat and enjoyed a woman's company.

    And I enjoy yours.


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