The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 23, 2006


I SIMPLY COULD NOT RESIST, in concert with my last post about the Fair to Middlin' Beast...Please do not confuse this hilarity with my sincerity of the last blog.

Photo cutline:

President George Dubya Bush, with Foreign Affairs Minister Condoleezzzzzzzza Rice and some Saudi Arabian "I'll blow you whenever you want" prince who makes billions of dollars per year for doing absofuckinglutely nothing, pose for a cheap photo op while pretending to watch CNN's coverage of Israel's invasion of Lebanon and feigning concern somewhere in the White House.

We would add a credit to this photo, but are sure the photographer and the wire service would be thoroughly embarrassed. Or maybe it's the White House "official photographer."

Rice, so news reports say, is actually to travel to the Middle East Monday for meetings. Of course she has no plans to meet with the Lebanese or any other nation that would not stroke Bush's small but Viagra-strengthened dick.


  1. **prince who makes billions of dollars per year for doing absofuckinglutely nothing

    ROFL! Thats so true. What do they do to be so rich? bloody irritating!


  2. Ah yes, but didn't I hear she went to Lebanaon first? I could be wrong, but I thought I caught a snippet of that news this morning as I rushed about getting ready to leave the house.

  3. Keshi:

    It's all about what family you're born into, I think...

    Yep, it's true. But to me, it's all optics, just like the photo op.

    The U.S. had been saying it was not going, not going, not going, to Beirut.

    And then she goes. They're calling it a "surprise visit." I'd say it was carefully orchestrated.

    I stand to be corrected. But my guess is it happened something like this:

    Dubya: "Geez, Condie, we're getting lambasted for Iraq, we're getting nowhere in Afghanistan. What do we do?"

    Condie: "Well, Mr. President, I don't know whether you heard, but a war just broke out in Lebanon."

    Dubya: "Oh, right. Forgot."

    Condie: "Your office has sent out a few press releases with your signature on them defending Israel's right to bomb the crap out of them."

    Dubya: "Oh, right. I remember signing something last week besides my approval for Stamp Out Stem Cell Research Week..."

    Condie: "I've called for an immediate ceasefire, just because that puts us back in a position of being the world power of peace and leadership that everyone thought we were before Iraq."

    Dubya: "Are you planning to ride in as the white knight to save all their souls? I think it might help us in the polls."

    Condie: "Yes, Mr. President. But I've said we won't go to Lebanon, so we've clearly taken sides with the Israelis. Then, at the last minute, I'll show up in Beirut to appear as a peacemaker, then I'll go to Israel and get the bloodshed stopped.

    "It will appear we're mediating the dispute and bringing it to an end instead of talking out of both sides of our mouths."

    Dubya: "And this will take peoples' minds off of Iraq and Afghanistan and how many of our soldiers are dying there?"

    Condie: "Yes, Mr. President. Now let's set up a photo opp with that Saudi king...I leave in the morning. This will be CNN's "developing story" all day long, we couldn't ask for better exposure."

    Dubya: "Condie, you're cool. Now, where is Rumsfeld? I know our people have wanted to hide him but get him in here. I think he needs to go on a long vacation. We don't want him talking about Iraq or anything else for that matter."

  4. yeah rich families where even toilet seats r made outta gold lol!

    btw tnxx so much for the sweet compliments in my blog. I think I have been cursed in love..thats what it is WW. SOBBBBBBBBBBBZ!


  5. Good post!
    Liked your last line.

  6. Time to switch to decaf?

    Condie phoned.
    Apparently she still won't talk to you.????
    Anyway, she wants you to know that anything that she may have said in her sleep (like State Secrets I guess?)may not be used on your blog.
    btw.There are four large men in black suits with ear pieces standing over my shoulder making sure that I send this message.

    Does this have something to do with why you cancelled on me last Tuesday?

  7. Keshi:
    Not only are they made out of gold, but they have maids and other servants flush 'em, clean 'em and put the seats down for 'em!

    You're not cursed. You are as HE and I say. Trust us. We're decrepit old men who know these things.


    Thanks, uh, ladies. Appreciate you droppin' in. Glad the last line didn't offend...

    And HE, note my last line to Keshi, and note also that you're much more decrepit than I.

    Yes, Condie (two z's don't forget) Rice and I have had a torrid affair, even despite my insistence that she PLEASE do something about her hair.

    She never said anything to me about not blogging by brains out about her, so now you tell me!

    No, the reason I cancelled on you last Tuesday was because I was busy trimming my nose and ear hairs.

  8. hehe fingers crossed, thanks mates!



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