The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 10, 2006


THE DISTURBING but likely familiar image (if it in fact reproduced above)is called Scream, by an artist named Edward Munch.

And while it could very well apply to a lot of the goings-on in today's world these past few days, it aptly describes my feeling of horror upon visiting my friendly neighborhood video store today.

I was looking for a new release called Final Fantasy VII, for my 14-year-old son. The Blockbuster Video outlet is usually crawling with customers but on a Saturday afternoon, I found the only two people in the store were the woman behind the counter and me.

I couldn't find Final Fantasy but I did pick up a few previously viewed flicks. I went and asked her if they had stocked Final Fantasy or expected to get it in soon. She told me that they had one copy left, and went to get it.

She returned and told me that no, it had been ripped off by a couple of lunkheads who this past week came in and stole a whole bunch of movies.

I shook my head as I paid for the other movies I was buying. I stepped through the little security device at the exit that beeps if someone purposely or inadvertently tries to walk out with a movie or game they haven't paid for.

"Lot of good this is, I guess," I said with a smile, motioning at the security device.

"That doesn't make a difference," she said. "If the beep went off right now, could I stop you from walking out if I'm here all alone? They just pick up the movies they want and walk right past me.

"I can't do a thing about it. It happens five or six times a week."

Maybe I'm naive, but I've been walking around since then in a state of wonder. How could we have gotten to this point of wanton disregard, this I-don't-care brashness or stupidity?

What is happening to who we are? And why don't the 97 per cent of us who aren't like that come up with a way to do something about it? Clearly the politicians and armies and religious leaders can't seem to.


  1. They need to install laser beams that cut off the thieves' legs like a jedi knights' light saber!
    Or have gigantic spikes drop from the ceiling to impale them. Or poison gas or a huge anvil on a rope ala Home Alone to swing straight into their heads.

    Or they could have more than 1 person working at the store!!DUH!

  2. The politicians, armies, and religious leaders are protecting the interests of the wealthiest among us, and neglecting social concerns (except, of course for the "really important" stuff, like protecting hetrosexuality through fighting gay marriage) and the wider good because, imo, America's no longer a genuine democracy. We have rule by corporate campaign financing and lobbying.

  3. I am screaming right along with you! I agree with HE and Darius --- nonetheless,

    When I found out one of my grandsons took something out of a store without paying, I took him back to the store, paid for the item and made him give it back --- than I whipped his ass on the on the spot. He was seven. The clerk got angry at me and threatened to call the CCC (child care protection) agency, I dialed the number for her.

    My grandson is seventeen now, an A student, and works after school. We are the best of friends!

    Kids are so unhappy these days, and with most parents working two or three jobs to support them, they have little or no supervision. Stealing seem to be a fun pasttime for them. If parent were like me, they would start spanking the butts again, it won't kill them like a police gun, or ruin thier lives. These days, parent are afraid to spank thier children because there seem to be a small line between spanking and child abuse --- but I know the different. I have seven grandsons, and three granddaughters --- believe me they are being taught about respecting other folks' property, because in doing so they learn the true meaning of humanity.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, I appreicate you comment and wisdom.

  4. I agree with the previous comment.

    It all starts in the home and how children are raised. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, and despite a parents' best efforts, a child still has the free agency to make bad choices.

    I think a lot of our societal ills can be traced back to a breakdown in the family.

  5. On the button there, Darius!

  6. i always thought those things were of no use - it doesn't take many people to get past one girl behind the till.

    the sorry state of mankind!

  7. liquidplastic is so right - i'm basically still a kid and i agree totally

  8. Scream away, Man! With the kind of heat wave we are having in Delhi, I want to scream as well along with Icecreams!

    As you say, very disturbing! At times we know something wrong is being done and we are so helpless in the situatin...

    It happens all over he world. Thats no excose but thats how it is!

  9. Sorry all and thanks for dropping by, I've been kinda otherwise preoccupied...

    HE, I like your solutions. The last one makes too much sense but on the other hand, if your store is empty but open for six hours a day, do you want to pay two people to be there doing nothing? I like the Jedi Knight solution...

    Darius, I agree entirely. But what do we do about it? Do we have a voice or not? If not, how do we get one?

    Liquid Plastic, I think a lot of people would agree with you on corporal punishment, if it wasn't now considered so politically incorrect. In your case, it worked out. Some others may not be able to know the difference between spanking and abuse, however. Thanks for dropping in...

    Pam, nice to see you again. Agree wholeheartedly. But how do you legislate good parenting? Or can you? Do we sterilize all the "bad people?" Do we imprison them in a horrid penal system that only makes them more bitter at the world? Or do we shoot 'em all? Or something else?

    Welcome, Leila and Benjamin. Glad you chirped in.

    Gautami, yeah, I guess it happens all over the world...and yeah, I guess that is just the way it is.


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