The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 4, 2010

Me and part of my life

Well, we start off with me and my kids, Monica and Evan. Lovely Lis, my female accompaniment, has refused to let me publish pix of her. But I will get her back. You know I will. I am seeing less and less of my kids, but they ARE growing older and more independent.

Here they are again -- after the stroke.

Here are a pair of ostriches. Note how the male is doing all the work and the female, like a queen, is just doing nothing but bossing the male around -- poor guy.

Here is me, pondering life and my existence.

Here is a bunch of women doing what they do best. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

This is my fate.

Me looking angrily at my son, who's out of this picture.

Me still.

Me flying away.

Just some scenery, like a pictorial musical interlude.

We all are babies at heart...and we all wear masks of some sort.

Because otherwise, we'd all have to be ourselves, as hideous as that might be.

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