The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 18, 2010


Evan! Wake up!!! It's 2010! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Ha Ha Ha Ha! After a late night of watching my Family Guy tapes from -- GASP!! -- my daughter, Monica -- this was my son, Evan, on Sunday morning. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! If you think I have a small brain, his is microscopic!

Believe it or not, he eventually woke up. And left. But I don't think he made his bed!

Here is a random shot of my shower.

Here is a random shot of me INSIDE my bathroom, which is alternately known as the loo, the lavatory, the WC, or the can or bathroom in different parts of the world. It may be called something else in YOUR part of the world.

Unfortunately -- or fortunately, depending how you look at things -- my 18-year-old son Evan & I got to spend some alone time this weekend as my Queen of sheba daughter Monica worked and played with her new boyfriend, who I have never killed yet, Alex.
Poor guy.

As usual, though, Evan came over. He is the Prince of Pain. The Deacon of Dirt. The Sultan Of Sleep. And speaking of...


  1. Nice art! (and the pictures aren't so bad either. :)(

  2. It's true, Andrea. I should do a blog post -- no, I will -- just on our friendship and the art I've bought from you.

  3. Nice place!

    How much food did he eat? And how messy did he leave the kitchen?


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