The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 3, 2010

My place...for now...

Outside my apartment building lies the pool, plus one of the community centres where I played hockey as a kid. You can see a bit of it -- it's called the Bertrand Arena.

Near it is Queen Elizabeth Elementary School. This is where I beat up many a kid, both physically and in sports, in which I was a tough defender, usually, who would hand out bone-shatterin hits and tackles to bigger players.

Now, of course, that would be tougher. But not impossible.

I played lots of baseball as a kid, usually at short stop.

Here's another shot of the Bertrand Arena.
This is a sideways shot of the East part of my apartment building. The part I'm in faces North.

Here's the park.

The pool yet again...

Bertrand Arena again...


  1. So that's what the pool looks like with no snow in it! I bet people left and right are firing up their grills for summer!

    You've got great views and you're in a fantastic location, close to the park and arena.

  2. i want a pool! xoxox

  3. ErosWings; I keep forgetting you dudes from Texas don't KNOW what snow's like..but you SURE know the value of cold, clean water! The only problem is, I face north...

    Savannah: Ha! Where are you? Georgia? Have fun!

  4. I think apartment buildings and condo complexes in Canada should have indoor pools.


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