The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

May 28, 2010

Lemmings and other Things

This, as you can see, is NOT a lemming. It is some sort of antelope, unrelated to a lemming. I took this a few years ago at a wild animal park in Southern Ontario.

Lemmings are actually stupid little mammals that are renowned for jumping off cliffs en masse, if necessary, to reduce their incredible numbers. They reproduce, and spend all day on Farcebook, like their simplistic relatives, the human beens.

I tried to find their pictures on my brand new computer, but I could not.

Well, Cry Me a River.


  1. The reproducing part of it sounds pleasant.

  2. Anonymous3:47 a.m.

    Um are you calling us lemmings?? I think they're cute. Apparently the mass suicide is a myth, largely popularized by Walt Disney. I still remember watching that TV program when they took a dive.


  3. Liz: No, I'm not. Although in some ways, we ARE a lot like lemmings. Or the idea that they conjure -- a fearful, pack animal that all thinks the same, or doesn't think at all. In some ways, I think it's an apropos description of the human race. We all do whatever they tell us to do, t a large extent...Santa Claus isn't real either...we still tend to believe in him...

  4. Teehee.

    Oh, and while I'm here...

    Did you wake up today deciding you're still blogging or not blogging?

    It's getting hard to keep track!

  5. MJ: I know I've waffled on this. But I AM going to continue blogging. It is a fine form of expression.

    I have had at least two minds on this. Amazing, when you consider how minute my brain really is. But I cannot leave the substance of blogging for the false facade of Farcebook.

    Although I definitely mean no offence to those who have gone exclusively to Farcebook.

  6. i am glad y'all decided to stay in blogville, sugar! i am seriously considering ending my association with fb. the coconut krewe (aka my children) think i should stay so that i can see all the pics they post, but wtf, right? send me the damn pictures, i have email and use it! the lazy slackers! :D xoxoxoxo

  7. Go with what your kids want, Savannah. Iwill try to be part of both.


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