The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

May 12, 2010

Just Something Stupid

I know I have blogged somewhat about the day, a few years ago, when Evan and some of his friends went out paint-balling. OH! What a useful humanity-filled, worthwhile endeavour -- train your kids to go out and blow each other to smithereens with paintballs while the world ceases to exist as we know it around them.

Oh, but who cares if a few million starve or dehydrate to death. got wars with the Taliban to fight!

So what used to be my son Evan, above turn into those commando types at the top of the page.

And then they turn into rhinos, which are almost impossible to stop.

It just makes me SICK!

Let's just post something as stupid as humanly possible for the 2 humans left in the universe who STILL BLOG (besides me, that is).


  1. Those paint balls hurt when they hit you! But it's fun!

    One of my favorite things to do is going to the shooting range with some friends. I like firing at targets with a rifle, especially if they're pop up targets! It's so much better than firing a video gun. And as much as I enjoy taking out targets left and right and watching tracer rounds when it's night time firing, I've never felt the urge to shoot at a living thing. I just like shooting at mechanical targets.

    I've been hunting a few times, and I admit, that after I shot my first critter, hunting kind of lost its appeal. And it wasn't because I felt sad that I had killed an animal. I just didn't want to clean it up. When I was told that I had to gut and field dress that kill, I was like, Excuse me? What do you mean I have to field dress it? That's a lot of work and it's disgusting!

    Now, don't get me wrong. I like fishing, and I can gut and clean fish with no problems. But anything bigger than that, and I start having second thoughts because that's a whole lot of work with a whole lot of mess.

  2. ErosWings:

    Good thought: "That's a whole lot of work with a whole lot of mess."

  3. Hey, where'd you go? Don't tell me you've gone over to the Dark Side (FaceBook) with Donn...

  4. Laurie: I've been lurking. The blogworld is dying as we know it! Everyone;s gone to FarceBook!

  5. I'm still blogging (sorta), just not nearly as often. And I still read your blog, also just not nearly as often.


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