The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 16, 2010

WW's What an Ass Award

I was fiddling around one day...
When I saw this picture of my best friend, Donn (why the two n's?) , aka Homo Erectus I mean Escapeons, who no longer blogs but has become a Facebook weenie, which we all know in short is an FW.

In case it isnt evident, he is on the right. No, I don;t mean HE is on the right. Oh, yes I do.
This is a tsuami, which I know little about, living on the Prairies.

This is a human brain. Homo Escapeons wouldn't know that. Above, not below. I'm serious, Donnnnnnn. That's a grizzly bear below, not a human brain.

You may want to pay attention to above. No need to ask why. Just do it. With your eyes in your head. And your mouth closed.
Note the "shopping area" above in an internet closeup of "the woman's brain." Note also the relatively under-developed independence neuron, the "homework" particle and the "Sense of Direction" particle -- if you can find them!

Note Hymie. And what he'd do the next time he hears Facebook.
Here is the closeup of a male brain. Notice the large size of the sports and T.V. sections and the tininess of our attention spans and personal hygiene.
I guess this the female equivalent, above. Note the large area for irrational thought and indecision, plus the hard to find sex particle and the bossiness area, which just south of the sense of direction particle.

Jabba the hutt: the Fate of most females on Earth.

Note, in this informative sketch above, the up to date pursuit of interests in The Modern Male. Note in particular the size, bigger than previously thought, of the toilet aiming cell in the modern male. Only the Listening Particle is smaller.


  1. This could be your best post ever.

    Don't tell Donn I laughed at the Facebook Weenie part.

    You have, however, underestimated the size of the "shoes" lobe of my brain.

    And this is a bonus...

    I can actually think about shoes AND sex....AT THE SAME TIME!

  2. MJ: I bet you go to Bingo too!


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