The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 4, 2010


I've been hanging on. I have loved blogging. There has been something enticing about telling people I barely know, from all around the world, what I am thinking about this or that or whatever.

I haved loved some of you. I have not loved some of you. But I have appreciated you all. Even those, including me, who have gone to Facebook, which strangely enough does NOT include faces. But which IS much quicker.

I think we will lament this move towards less thoughtful, shorter, quicker time together. It is like the cheapest wine on the store shelf. Sure, it's cheaper and faster. But it is also less hasn't been allowed to age.

Some things take time. But we are all blinded by the light and we like the instant gratifation Facebook gives us. Goodbye, Blogger. You were a good, thoughtful friend but life has passed you by.


  1. Anonymous3:41 p.m.

    Oh no... WW!!?! You too!!?? Am I the only one still hanging on...?
    At least I'll still see in Facebook.

  2. Angel: Wecan still keep in touch on FB. Or, we can actually use snail mail. Or, I can keeep reading you blog and not blogging myself.

  3. Angel: Or, I can keep blogging. I might miss it too much. Like missing Seinfeld reruns. Or missing Donn Coppens and Homo Escapeons.

    Wait! Let's not get carried away!

  4. Well, I for one, have enjoyed reading your blog. I'm glad that you haven't taken it down. I don't do Facebook, because I don't have the time, and I actually do like reading blogs--people's thoughts at the time, no matter how small or silly they seem, are always more interesting to read.

    Also, when I was on a friend's Facebook account, she had some sort of farm game, and I've a problem with video games--I'd never get anything done with the games right in front of me! I'd waste way too much time playing games than doing something productive--like laundry or getting enough sleep!

  5. It's the right thing to do for now...FB is either going to crash...have a mass exodus...or eventually morph into segments where like minded cohorts congregate.
    It is easier, cheaper and faster than blogging, but what are ya gonna do?
    For now....

  6. aw geez, and I have just been starting to make myself blog again, a few short entries to begin with...partly inspired by you

  7. it's always strange to see the word gone on my blogroll, sugar. i love blogging, but then as the MITM said, i'm addicted. *sigh* i have enjoyed reading you even thought i came late to the game. (i'm on fb, too, ask mr donn.) xoxoxox

  8. Angel: Yep, I think me too. As you can see, I'm having a tough time. I may not be able to do it...

    ErosWings: Yep, my good friend. But watch for me!

  9. Donn blah blah:

    It'll be worse on FB, you watch! I'm not much for saying things with so few words, and God knows I certainly have time on my hands!

    And what are YOU doing?

    Annie: That's the way it goes! I'll still be around!

    Savannah: What's MITM? Whatever it is, so am I. Addicted, I mean. Thanks, Who isn't on Facebook? Come to think of it, so am I!

    Maybe I helped author my own blog death!!

  10. Who isn't on Facebook, you ask?


    But you know where to find me.

    But without you, how will I know how the male brain works?

  11. MJ:

    GOOD for you, Girl! Maybe THAT'S what I'll do! REJECT Facebook for Blogger! That's right! How WILL you know how the male brain works?

    Or doesn't?

  12. I have decided to stick with Blogger. If necessary, I will sink to the bottom of the ocean with it AND Facebook.

    Blogging gives me too much of a high to let it go for the convenience and ease of Facebook, which is surface only.

    To hell with gnat-like attention spans, I say!

  13. MJ: So if I reject ANYTHING, it will be the quick feel good of Facebook. In my view, it is causing most of us to be brain-dead.

    Some great things in life take time.

  14. Hey, I did not mean that to be a shot against those who have given up blogging for FB. I say "Break a leg!" GO Crazy with it!

  15. Annie: If you missed it in the comments, I am going nowhere. If anything, FB will go, not this, even if I'm the last one standing.

  16. Yay! You're still here!

    (Just checking)

  17. MJ: Yep! I'm STILL HERE!

  18. yippieeeee! i actually hate facebook, sugar! xoxox

    MITM=the man in the moon aka my husband


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