The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 8, 2010


Ahhh, Facebook.
The only thing we truly have time for.
We can go out to McDonald's every day. We can go The pub and drink every night. We can play games on our computers.

We can do the Facebook thing for hours. But blogging takes too much time. So we Facebook instead and do just what the experts have said -- we become a bunch of insensitive de-sensitized who?mans.

And that isn't to say it's wrong or we can even prevent it.

It's just to lament that we are evolving away from informed, free thoght into what the big compnies want us to be.

Thoughtless suckers who mostly don't think for themselves, exceptbuy and consume what they tell us.

Some human stuff: above is a centennarian swimmer, who's still alive to my knowledge. His first name is Jaring. Last I heard from him, he was 108. I'm not even half his age, barely. His wife was 103.

Above -- was anything any funnier than Hymie of Get Smart fame? Below, I just believe that's a super funny pic. Take that, Facebook!
Below, a pair of deer go through some deep snow. Is that how adult females came to be called D'ohs!? D'oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Here's just a praying mantis I saw at a Schaumburg, Ill., hotel a couple of years ago when I was covering our AAA baa team a few years ago. And below, that's doubt.

Or is THIS aboove me? I don't know. I will find my soul on Facebook.

My hero. Canadian prime idiot...I mean Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

EVERYONE should have penguin pajamas!


  1. I was just thinking that my life would be complete if only I had penguin pyjamas.

  2. MJ: Wouldn't YOU just like to wear them?

  3. penguin pajamas? yeah, sensitive and a sense of humor! ;~D xoxoxo

  4. S: Green is so becoming on me! Don't you think?

  5. Hey, that centenarian swimmer is making me feel lazy! Has he been tested for performance enhancing drugs? And I'm not talking about the blue pills!

  6. Eroswings: Ha! Ha! Ha! Geeez, I hope he'still alive!

  7. Love the pyjamas. I've seen those before. Doesn't your son have the same ones? Or does he just wear yours sometimes? I'm currently wearing rather hideous candy-striped pyjama pants, and a nightie with Betty Boop on it saying "Punk Ain't Dead". At least the nightie is decently black. And very warm; it just came out of the clothes dryer. Nice!

  8. Stace : Well then DON'T you think you should DO a post on Bettie Boop, complete with pix et al? I'D read it!


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