The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 31, 2010

Pictures say 1,000 Things

Me & my sister above, or one of them at least; below, my daughter.

Above. Darren; below, my sister Lisa.

My sister Lisa above; and my oldest sister Lori and her daughter, Rachel.
My nephew Justin (Shauna & Ken's son) Justin, before he got his jersey signed by Roberto Luongo.

My sister-in-law Kim, Gerry's wife.
ben & Alex, his dad. Lori is the mom.
Kim & Gerry's

Lisa & Darren's daughter MaiaShauna, my sister, above; Gerry, my youngest brother &
Kim's husband, Gerry, below.

That's Cole (my nephew & Lisa & Darren's son) above & my daughter Monica below
This is my son, Evan
And my dad Don, below

Here's a young Justin & his cousin, Maia
And here's their cousin, Josh

Auntie Lisa & Evan...
Basically, pictures DO say 1,ooo things.
Here's some of Ken & Shauna's lovely family.

My Mom...
DDarren, getting ready to sail...

And Maia & Cole at Lake Winnipeg.


  1. You have a beautiful, wonderful family.

    The pictures really do capture that sense of closeness and joy y'all seem to get by being in each other's presences.

    I come from a big family, too. But our gatherings were more like war campaigns than celebratory occasions. I have scars--emotional and physical ;) I've learned to move on and find that wonderful sense of family with good friends. And I know you've got some amazing friends, too.

  2. Anonymous11:19 p.m.

    Your two sisters (the blond ones, I can't remember names) look alike.


    PS — I love Jeannie's cake!!!!

  3. ErosWings: thanks, they're all great. I'm sure your's are, too.Good friends are just like good family, sometimes better.

    Anon: I told you I will not respond to you.

  4. You have such a cool family!!!

  5. Angel: You right!


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