The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 15, 2010

Horrible Stuff in Haiti

Oh, first I have to show you who I am.
Then I have to have a rest.

Sometimes I shits, sometimes I thinks and shits.
There are some realities...

like our prime minister, for example -- Steven Harper.
Then there's Elvis, who didn't so much celebrate his 80th birthday last week, but the media did.
And Tiger Woods & his wife...

Then there was the Haiti Earthquake. Our condolences, of course.
Finally, our Parliament was prorogued. For those non-Canadians, this means our Progressive Conservative government has nothing better to do.

SO this is where the earthquake struck.
Good question.


  1. Anonymous8:37 p.m.

    Good to see you getting back into your "old" ways. Chris.
    And yes, it is terrible in Haiti.Whatever the West thinks of its muddled and murky politics, this transcends (or should!)all bias.

  2. Hi girl. You're right, of course.

  3. The Haiti situation is too dreadful, and there are people trying to milk it for political gain! Their exiled president who resides happily in South Africa, now wants to go back there!! WTF for!!?!?

  4. Angel: It's true, isn' it?

  5. That is sad and terrible what's going on in Haiti. Natural disasters are always horrible and heartbreaking.

    I'm hoping that more good people are reaching out to help those who need a hand in this tragedy.

    Since I'm assuming there's no gov't in Canada til after the Olympics, I hereby claim Canada and rename it, North Texas!

  6. If Limbaugh and Robertson are right about god punishing Haiti for making a voodoo pact with the devil, then maybe we should be wary of getting on his bad side? :)

    Ten million souls have been trapped there long before this eqrthquake hit.

    Since our Gov-Gen is Haitian, Canada seems destined to become a huge part of the reconstruction. Perhaps we should annex it and finally procure a warm vacation destination of our own?
    Like nobody else is thinking that?

    It's interesting how we pick and choose which nations "deserve" our help. Haiti is a failed, essentually lawless, nation. Aside from excelling as a siphon for the drug trade, it has teetered on collapse for decades. From the air one can see how Haiti has been deforested...the other tenant, the Dominican Republic, still has trees...night and day.

    Haiti needs to be completely gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. It is a ginormous undertaking that should demand some stringent guidelines.

    I feel sorry for the "innocents" trapped there. As usual the innocents pay the heaviest price. But I also have some very serious concerns about how this debacle will be resolved. The poorest nation in the western hemisphere has no natural resources to entice the usual suspects so it usually stays off the radar..except for the drug trade. Now the politicians are making hay out of their misery.

    @ eroswings
    Excellent idea..since my Mom is a snowbird who moves to Taxus ever Win'er, I suspects that automatically makes a dual cit'zn don' it?

  7. Donw/2nz: I know you r but what am eye?

  8. Interesting how we humans are continuously surprised when nature does what any living planet is expected to: move! catch fire! flood! ad inf. I know we can't help cultivating every inch of land no matter how unsteady, but somehow humans should limit themselves a bit. And I enjoyed your take on the vagaries of life. O, sorry I'm Cathy, nice to meet you Chris, I'm steered here via young Mr. Coppers.

  9. Y'all

    It IS horrible!

  10. Anonymous1:11 a.m.

    I wish I could go to Haiti and do something. As a journalist, if I was offered the opportunity to go — I'd go in a New York minute.

    Seeing those adorable little kids/babies just makes me want to hug them tight.

    Too sappy?

  11. Never TOO sappy!

    what's sap? It's just emotion, that's what we're made of.


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