The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 2, 2009

Another Harper Photo-Op Faux Pas


Our exalted one, the sheik of charades, the grand poobah of grandiose over-achievement, the political pariah who is Canada's equivalent of George W. Bush (remember him?), is not in the photo above.

We know that Prime Minister Stephen Harper WAS PRESENT at the G-20 Summit in London, unless they sent a life-sized plastic doll in his place. No one would have known the difference anyway.

But he somehow did NOT make it for the silly final photo-op that is customary at these gatherings, showing a bunch of politicians from 20 countries (we're not sure why 29 people are in the pic) smiling and being all lovey-dovey.

Read the story here:

For those of you inclined not to read the story, our illustrious PM, who's from Alberta (Canada's oil-rich and redneck equivalent of Bush's Texas) refuted initial reports that he was in the loo, saying he was meeting with officials or some B.S.

About an hour later, apparently, perhaps after having his afternoon nap or finally pushing out that last bit of Wednesday night's supper, Harper was afforded a second opportunity.

Below, U.S. President Barack Obama -- already 1,000 times more the politician and statesman and leader than Harper will ever be -- extended a handshake to the former right-wing policy wank who is our PM, welcoming him to the second photo-op his absence had forced.

Ugh. I think I'm moving to Mozambique.


  1. Well, I imagine him being Canadian, he did the polite thing and relieved himself in the bathroom instead of stinking up the photo op. A photo of grimacing world leaders does not inspire confidence!

    Or maybe he should've avoided eating the Spotted Dick for lunch.

  2. Eros:

    (I feel so sexually inadequate saying that)

    Seeing as you are in Texas, where Dubya grew up with a silver spoon stuck up his ass, I respect your opinion.

    Maybe Stevie boy had gas or the runs, who knows, or maybe he was relieving himself in other ways, we'll never know.

    But we can theorize and postulate, which is way more fun.

    I am not sure if he has a dick, spotted or not. I know he IS a dick. But for argument's sake, let's assume he does have one.

    Why don't you describe for our millions of readers what the famed Spotted Dick is?

  3. Very well, I shall attempt to explain.

    The Spotted Dick is something the English love to put into their mouths and lick with their tongues. It's probably their most famous treat.

  4. Eros:

    You're so clever, you.

    I shall leave it to our scores of readers -- some 4, by my count, mostly female -- to check out your Wikipedia link.

  5. I see our Aussie PM grinning in that second pic too :)

  6. Here’s a post I did on Spotted Dick.

    Tee hee.

  7. Stace:

    Well of course he's smiling. They're all smiling! They were probably all laughing hysterically behind his back before Harper finally showed up.


    Agreed. And gee, I wonder what YOUR version of the spotted dick will be about.


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