The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 30, 2009

A spark of intelligence in the stupour of stupidity


Now this is journalism that people should be reading.


  1. The great thing about that piece of writing is that there are still people willing to speak their minds, no matter what the consequences!

    I think that so long as people voice their concerns and provide a dissenting opinion, a different perspective, then free speech will always exist.

    Maybe the Canadian gov't is afraid the well dressed Scotsman would draw attention to it's ill dressed politicians.

  2. I thought they were referring to this Gorgeous George.

  3. France looks better every day.

  4. Eroswings:

    I agree entirely. But the brutal thing is there are still bonehead politicians or other mucky-muck tall forehead right-wingers just as prepared to drown them out or keep them out.


    My Zone Alarm security system would not let me access that site. I can only imagine which Gorgeous George -- or in what state of undress -- you might be referring to.


    The hills of Afghanistan look better every day. No, on second thought, France would suffice.

  5. He was a wrestler!

    Try copying and pasting this safe link...

  6. MJ:

    Ha ha ha ha!!! Maybe this George is Gorgeous George's reincarnation, although I note the Wiki entry says he was born in a place named Butte.


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