The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 23, 2009

The Easy-Off of Life




Or, honestly, getting to other blogs I like to visit.
So I'm trying a little catch-up here.

I was going to try to do a true Snippets from Spaceship Orion with, well, snippets of what's been going on. But not much has been as winter wears on into spring and nothing much changes.

I realize I've lost touch with some of you, and I lament that, but with some of you I'm actually more in touch through FB. I'm just seeing what fits best and, well, it is what it is.

I was thrilled, though, when Canada got BAMMED by Obama last week.

I thought he was charming during his visit. He doesn't deserve the crap he's getting from the Reflublicans who left him the mess he's in now.

I LOVED Bill Mahrer on Larry King Live last week.

I think he's the most brilliant human being on the planet right now and if the power-brokers actually listened to what he said, we'd all be better off.

The book I'm reading now, Rogue Economics by Loretta Napoleoni, is quite depressing, actually.

It's very complicated.

But basically it's all about how the fall of the Berlin Wall, globalization, free trade, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the internet has turned the planet into an economic free-for-all that is destroying us all.

But enough of all that.

I'm proud to say that while I received a shipment of Valentine's Day crapola that I could really make no use of because of my consistently stubborn single status, my son is a comparatively speaking Don Juan.

Here is a portion of the love-related package I received at work from some promotion company trying to trump the swimsuit edition of Maxim Magazine.

But in real life, I'm proud to say that my son did all the right things with the cute little squeeze he's quite serious about, buying her flowers and taking her out on the town, with good old dad as the chauffeur...

I know he doesn't look very happy in this pic, but they had a good time...

Here's the flowers he gave her, which I had to keep alive for three days...

Now, onto another topic, my annual stove-cleaning disaster.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just spray a product like Easy-Off on all the mistakes we had made in our lives, heat up the oven to 450 and wipe them clean?

Just rinse all of that crap out in a plastic pail and pour it down the toilet?

And end up with something that's more or less clean again, all the dirt from the past erased?


  1. Hmmmm, if I pay your airfare will come here and clean my ovens?

    There are two of them, and both are as crud covered as your before pictures show yours to be.

    Whadya think, or do I need to send photos before you even consider it?

    To tempt you, I'm going to add that it was 60 degrees here today. :-)

  2. I always love your gritty slice-of-life posts but I get the Facebook thing. Much better for the easily distracted (like me, too)!

  3. First, you friends are not going anywhere. They are there for you even if they are many time zones away! Facebook or not.

    The way you go about cleaning, I think you should step into my to help me keep it clean.

    What would it take for you to consider it?

  4. Laurie:

    Well if you can afford and/or require two ovens, couldn't you just afford a cleaning service?

    If they're that crud-filled, spray the Easy-Off on now. I'll be there by week's end.

    And it was supposed to go up to -9C yesterday, but the windchill made it -32. How can that be?


    Gritty, huh? There definitely was a lot of grit in that oven, believe me...:-)


    Round-trip airfare to Delhi, a comfy full-time slacker job and the right to delegate all cleaning duties to you. :-)

  5. The blob world is loosing everyone to face-book or faceache as I call it lol....... I do have a face-ache thingie but I have no idea how to use it, only opened it cos me matie wanted to share some of her babies photos.... I do have a butchers once in a while to see what me lads are up to that their mother needs to know about LOL.... I daren't get the hang of it or I would never get off the computer and my time is very limited nowadays on here anyways..... work work work = knackered knackered knackered

    How sweet of your lad with the flowers :) young love aye.... oh to have that heart beat like that again..... and not in a heart attack way LOL....

    nice to see your still alive and kicking though (((shake it))) big hugs..


  6. ps..... sod all that oven cleaning, I get the professionals in once a year lmfao.....


  7. I hate cleaning ovens... I try to avoid it. Now I have a wonderful excuse: the strong chemicals in oven cleaning products may be unsafe for the baby if I touch or inhale! You should get pregnant ;)

  8. Excellent use of the Winnipeg Free Press.

  9. Toasty:

    Oh, the rest of us could teach you how to Facebook! (Actually, I STILL don't have a clue about all those little gadgets they offer!)

    It's not that I'm hooked on it, it's just that, well, it IS some form of constant communication with relatives and friends, including blogger friends.

    It's more like IM'ing than the delayed effect of blogging. I don't know how I feel about it.


    Yeah, me son is quite the romancer, he is. Meself, not doin' so much shakin' all about at the moment, but things can change...;-)

    As far as oven cleaning, it's a form of entertainment for me, don't you see...


    That's a very good excuse, and now you must get Aidan to perform this chore.

    I would get pregnant, except that I've decided to become a monk and move to Tibet.


    Isn't it, though? ;-)

  10. Don't move to Tibet... I miss you when you don't blog, and I really don't think blogging is encouraged amongst Tibetan monks :(

  11. Easy off is a great product. I don't do the heat the oven up to 450 degrees route. I do the leave it overnight route and just wipe it clean in the morning.

    I've often wondered what it would be like to start over with a clean record, past mistakes and heartaches erased. But then I wondered, would I still be the same person?

  12. wow... i'm impressed that you do that once a year!

    and can you please send me a can of that mistake-cleaning one when you find it?

  13. Stace:

    I have made a formal request to the Tibetan monk hierarchy to be able to continue to blog. I'm not sure what they'll say.



    Good point man! WOULD we be the same? I agree, no, we wouldn't. But the possibilities are at least worth pondering, no?


    I'm not sure I'll be able to find it, but the product name Easy-Off just made this too tough to pass up and to pose the question...

    If I do come up with some, I'll send it along, though...hope your customs people allow it into the country...

  14. Whew! I for one am ridiculously relieved that you are back and merrily posting about your appliances.

    Facebook is just waaaaaaay easier. You don't need to think or write anything clever or even mildly interesting. Plus you actually know, or have known, most of the people in the rw. So it is more relaxing.
    Twitter is even easier!
    140 characters?

    Nobody is judging you on your creativity, syntax, viewpoints, or the cleanliness of your appliances.
    It depends on what you are after out here in cyberpsace. Some want to be validated while others are just wasting time and grooming their social cohorts.

    Can I come over and broil a huge greasy, splattery, casserole on the top rack... with the lid off?

  15. Donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:

    Yes, FB is easier. And it seems to be so much more constant and interactive.

    But I'm still finding more depth in blogging occasionally, even though I am so shallow :-)

    The Twitter thing, I don't get. I suppose the point is that you're suppose to be way more profound, utterly, in a sentence or two.

    I can do that on FB if I want to! With something as simple as their "what are you doing now?" thing.

    You've destroyed one of my speakers with a pool cue...why wouldn't I let you come over a broil a casserole in my newly cleaned oven?

  16. I miss your posts.

  17. Anna:

    I'm not sure where that came from, but :-)


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