The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 25, 2008



At the very least, this RPG (Role Playing Game) is certainly what's taking up most of the time for my 16-year-old son (right, below) and one his buddies, Alex.

The game was released in Canada this past week. I drove my son down to the mall on Tuesday to pick it up. He paid for it himself, which is a departure from past experiences when I'd foot the bill.

And that's a good thing, seeing as I'm on strike at the moment and not bringing in any cash.

I have no idea what the game is about, but I'm very familiar with RPGs, I play some of them myself from time to time as a diversion.

I think this one involves a central character who battles the usual demons and monsters and stuff, but he can also get married, have name it.

In some ways, I'd like to be able to rail against these computer games and how kids are exercising their thumbs and fingers rather than their hearts and legs, but this is their culture.

What I care more about is that my son feels comfortable enough to bring his friends here to my place and to do their thing, not my thing, with me more or less being a fly on the wall.

The two of them spent hours Saturday afternoon playing this game.

And then they went to meet another friend at the pizza joint where several of them and their friends work for supper, although I expect them back here at some point.

I like their independence and that they feel cool hanging out here...I had offered to make them supper, but they said that's cool.

Although when I pick my daughter up from work, of course, they become secondary and will have to move out of the living room and into his bedroom to play the game on HIS TV, which is smaller...

That's the pecking order of life, they're learning.

And they appear to be learning it pretty well.

(This is my shot of the TV with them playing the game on it...)


  1. I love reading the posts about your kids, they make me go all warm and fuzzy :) And video games aren't all bad... everything in moderation, eh? Including moderation!!

    Did we mention we're trying to have a baby now? I really look forward to kids, and I hope ours are as cool as yours! hehe

  2. Stace:

    You're trying to have kids? Wow Wee! Congrats and all the best, I'm sure you'll have beauty kids!

    But that's one thing you CAN'T really do in moderation, once you decide to try...

    And that's the fun part! Well, for a while, anyway, until it starts to become more like a job or duty...

    But I say forget about moderation then! It's all about sacrifice for the greater good, doing it for the Gipper and all...

    Two more of my son's friends came over later so there were four of them out there kibitzing around.

    All the best with the family making, Stace, to you and Aidan.

  3. My lot all play these games..... me, Im still on space invaders and bubble bubble lmfao....

    Your house sounds very much like mine, only when band practise is on there are sometimes 8 or so other huge strapping lads around.... I need to put a lock on me fridge....


  4. Do not, on pain of death, tell my boys about Fable II! (Like they don't already know.) I want to get Rock Band for the XBox for Christmas and I'm not going to be swayed! I'm about through with the whole RPG things after putting up with it in some form or other for like forever. They did wait with bated breath for the release of Spore last month, though, which involves lots of visual creativity so I wholly approve, of course. :)

  5. I luv video games--too much...

    Well, at least he used his own money. That means he really wants it and is likely to take better care of it.

    And that's nice his friends come over where they can chill and you don't have to worry about them breaking the law.

    That's funny about how they become secondary when you daughter gets home. It's a life lesson. Women always come before video games--at least when you want a real life and an even more thrilling, high stakes game.

  6. They should be doing something useful like cleaning behind your refrigerator.

  7. Toasty:

    Space Invaders, huh? Not sure what bubble bubble is though...

    Admit it! You love it when all those strappin' lads show up. Imagine the testosterone levels.


    OK, I'll keep it a secret. Wouldn't want to die prematurely by brush stroke!

    RPGs are an escape into the fantasy realm, girl...visually and otherwise. Good luck with Rock Band!


    I don't mind them being here, except it would be a lot easier in a house instead of an apartment.

    I get shuffled off to my bedroom while they have the living room, and the kitchen's right next to it.

    I make occasional trips there and check up on them...they're a pretty good and respectful crew.

    Yeah, women are always the bosses, aren't they, for one reason or another ;-)

    I told him the rule was he could play his X-Box 360 on the living room TV unless and until she or I wanted or needed to watch it or just be in the living room...

    ...In which case he has to take the game into HIS bedroom. But basically, yeah, when she's around, she's the Queen of Everything, self-appointed more or less...


    Good idea! I'm not sure they'd like that, but I'll tell them someone in Vancouver suggested it.

  8. I love the way your interact with your kids. I'd say they are very lucky to have you for a dad.

  9. Laurie:

    Ha! Thanks, but I don't think he liked the way I interacted with him the next night when I let him drive home (he has his learners' permit) and I took a strip off him when he pulled out in to oncoming traffic without looking...

    He's a good guy and I'm hopeful and confident will become a good man. :-)

  10. Like the others, I also love reading your posts about your kids. The relationships you share with each of them are inspiring. You should give seminars - seriously.

  11. i think its awesome that your son likes to spend time at your place WITH his friends. my knucklehead also has no hassles bringing friends home and i do hope it'll always be like that.


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