The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 11, 2008



After 2 1/2 months, my daughter has returned from Europe with her friend.

She says if she had to pick a favourite place, it would be Santorini in Greece. She loved Athens, Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Prague (although didn't spend enough time there).
Wasn't so crazy about Amsterdam, she says, too wild for her sensibilities.
There were no incidents involving her safety, nothing lost...which is amazing.
So after a very short down time to get over the jet lag, I took her and her brother out to a place called Mongo's Grill, where you go and get all your ingredients, stand in line and have them cook it all up for you in a monster stir fry.

They both teased me, of course, because I was a novice at this practice and was way behind them in line.

What else is new?

My son, who always sits next to her while I sit across from them on such occasions, was constantly text-messaging and accepting my resulting wrath with a wry smile.

I don't call him Goober Boy for nothing.

They both love and hate the fact I always bring my camera to these affairs.

But we have more fun eating out than most anything else we do together.

It's good to have her back.

And it's good to have the two of them back together.


  1. Hey, Dad, I bet you're breathing out about now. :)

  2. Andrea:

    That I am, girl. But she's so together in so many ways...still, to resort to the old cliche:

    "I'm breathing a big sigh of relief."

  3. glad she's back safe and sound!

    So, what's she gonna do now? :)

  4. Ziggi:

    She's taking a week off to go up to the lake, then I think she's returning to her part-time job and then she's getting into the nursing program at our University of Manitoba.

    Oh...and she's talking about taking her next trip to Australia...she met lots of Aussies in Europe.

  5. Anonymous7:40 p.m.

    Ah, the unbeatable fun and excitement of "hitting the highway" while you're young enough to appreciate it.
    And, jeepers! baggage handlers not losing anything????The girl is charmed!
    If she travels in my neighbourhood I'll show her our (somewhat limited) sights.

  6. So glad she's home safe and sound. She looks wonderful and radiant and better for the experience. They both get better and better looking as they turn into young adults.

    The stir-fry dishes look very good. I'll have to remember that place if I'm ever in Winnipeg.

  7. Glad to see she is back safe in daddy's arms....smiles.

    Maybe you will take a trip sometime.

    soft love,

  8. Dinahmow:

    Yes ma'am, it all worked out well for her. And if she does manage to go Down Unda, I'll be letting all my Aussie friends know. :-)


    Well you need to switch those things around. Remember you're coming to Winnipeg and oh, while you're here, you can remember to go to Mongo's!


    Oh boy did I hug her tight and totally embarrass her, but no one was around to take THOSE pix!

    Maybe I WILL take a trip sometime. :-)

  9. Good to see she's all safe and happy :) You'll have to come with her when she comes to Australia - not because she'll need you or want you, god forbid, just to visit us :)

  10. Stace:

    Are you serious? She'd NEVER let me fly to Oz with her in the same plane unless I was paying for it.

    But even then, I'd have to sit at one end of the plane and she'd have to sit at the other.

    Upon arrival in your fine gigantic island paradise, you're right, god forbid she travel with me.

    However, I found it telling that in the latter stages of her trip and since she got home, she's reverted to calling me "Daddy."

    That melts me. :-)

  11. Awwww that's so sweeeeeet

    I'm sure she'd let you sit next to her on the plane, just so long as you don't take any photos or let anybody find out!

  12. Stace:

    Yeah, you're probably would all have to be hush-hush, for sure...

  13. It's YOUR turn to go somewhere fun..hell I'm goin' too..why do our kids get to have all the fun?

  14. Donnnnnnnnn:

    Because it's their time to have fun, we already had we're just slavin' away.

    Our lot now is to continue to do that until retirement, then we get to travel again and move along in slow motion.

    Where are we going? I vote for Australia.

  15. Anonymous4:03 a.m.

    Glad your daughter had a safe trip.


  16. jow awesome that she's home safe and had such fun! my damien and my glugster are also slowly getting used to me and my camera... you'd think he'd know better than to even question it by now!

  17. Wow Santorini...... that was one of me most favourite greek islands back when I 'did' the islands.... she has good taste lol....

    Sounds like she had a supertime, I cant believe she is back already..... I know that feeling of relief when 'they come back'.... I'll tell ya though, no matter how old they get, you still get that 'feeling' upon their return from foreign ports...


  18. Toasty:

    Never been to Santorini myself, although I did drive through northern Greece once...

    Yeah, she's back, it's almost like she never left. But you're right about that "feeling."


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