The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

May 3, 2008



I was just a Babe in the Woods then. Heck, I'm still just a Babe in the Woods now!

It's been a lot of fun, but it's surprising, in a way, because in some respects, it seems I've been blogging a lot longer than that.

From my first goofy post titled "An Introduction" on May 15, 2006, to today, May 4, 2008, I've posted 309 times. This will be my 310th.

I'm slowing down. The numbers show it. This is post No. 41 for 2008, well behind my pace at this time for 2006 and 2007, when I finished with 133 and 136.

At this pace, I'll be lucky to finish with 100 for 2008. But that's the way it is. It's not all about numbers, it's about inclination to post and having something new or different to say.

And right now, I'm not feeling a lot of new or different...kind of like all those TV show writers who take time off to recharge their batteries while the networks, instead, regurgitate past episodes.

I've posted about everything from cleaning my fridge and stove to my shaving accidents to socks and sex to mens' spring fashion to the ridiculous world of religion and the antics of Dubya.

I've posted semi-nude pix of the blogger formerly known as Homo Escapeons and our weekly get-togethers and other antics.
I've illustrated, scientifically in ground-breaking fashion, the differences between the male and female brains.

I've written about my love life, such as it is, and about my family, such as they are and as they've allowed. I've ridiculed Paris Hilton and American Idol and America itself, and our shallow existences.

And of course I've posted a lot about my kids and being a single dad.

I've taken breaks but never for very long, because I miss the exchange of thoughts and laughs and feelings with the likes of HE, Andrea, Anna, Ziggi, MJ, Stace & Aidan, Gautami, Awaiting, Menchie, Angel and so many others.

I'm not getting around to other blogs nearly as much as I used to, either. It's about time and priorities, I offence intended.

I find I'm less interested in the political, religious, wider world of the "War on Terror" and Islam and Barack and Hillary and John McCain and Zimbabwe and more interested in things that are much closer to me.

But that can get a bit tiring too, probably for others more than for me.

So, for the next little while, I'm going to celebrate my two-year anniversary as a blogger by, well, not blogging.

I'm going to take a page from the wacky world of TV...I'm going to resurrect some of my posts from the past two years, posts hopefully some of you haven't read, and run them again, maybe updated, maybe not.

Consider it "summer reruns." Or at least, summer retreads.

Personally, I'm thinking it's going to be a bit of fun. Who knows? I might run new posts mixed in with them, if I'm so inspired from the goings-on in this vast wasteland where winter still seems to be lingering.


  1. I see.
    We're in the same boat and it's name starts with a T and ends with a C....we're shuffling the deck chairs in the Fog.

    I've been blogging since Feb 06 and tomorrow will be posting #388.
    I've reposted a few times and actually considered deleting everything but my 20 favorites from each year...usually because I forget WHY I started Blogging and why I bother to continue.

    I love the interaction but I cannot keep up with the appropriate correspondence..
    utterly IMPOSSIBLE!

    On an atomic level I thrive on the opportunity to firmly lodge both feet in my mouth when discussing issues of intergalactic importance...something you don't get to do as well when you're explaining LIFE to the person next to you in the check out line at the grocery store.

    Today I would like to delete the whole bloody thing, mainly because it is snowing, but also because I don't know what the 'end game' is supposed to be..a huge book deal like that wanker from Stuff White People Like..encouraging and cultivating international blog buddyship...self talk therapy...creating an identity theft goldmine...proving once and for all time that I didn't pay attention during Grammar School...or just having fun.

    Today, because it is f*cking SNOWING, I'm just not feeling it.
    I am totally despondent and seriously on the verge of doing something pushing myself away from the Puter and watching TV or plucking the 27 ((OUCH)) 26 grey hairs in my beard....
    oh look something shiny!

  2. Donn:

    Your comment prompted me to look outside while I was "spring cleaning," and I realized...IT'S NOT SPRING!

    Our lovely weather f*ck-casters were talking about highs of more than 20 degrees after a week's worth of sh*t.

    What do we get? Snow.

    So my first post in the "summer reruns" season schedule is going to be a breaking news item -- how this snow is breaking our frickin' hearts.

    Do not lament about blogging. Your massive audience and quality of comments from that massive audience says everything.

    You're a bard of blogdom. You do it because it gives you an outlet to express so many Donndoms and Homo Escapionisms.

    There is no end game. Ignore the crackpots like the "stuff white people like" guy, although it could happen to you.

    Don't worry about not feeling it. Just keep doing it.

  3. What? Donn is thinking of leaving blogdom?

    Maybe I should dance with glee! I can't compete with him.

    I started blogging in May 2005. I was such a bad one at that. My posts were juvenile. I wrote stupid poetry back then. I have 649 posts on my rooted blog as of today.I am thinking of deleting a lot of stuff. Problem is lack of time.!

    I too write a lot of reviews on my reading room blog.

    Don't you think, I am getting narcisstic?

    Well, that come out of being single for a long time!!

    Sending you both hugs from here. Hope you tell Donn about that!

  4. Oops!


    Not that you would have noticed the misspelling!

  5. Gautami:

    I doubt he will ever leave, although he makes such sounds from time to time...

    Aside from me, the blogworld is the only place where people will actually listen to what he says.

    It's OK to be narcissistic. Whether you're single or not.

    Too many people go through their lives in a daze, not thinking about who they are and what they need and want.


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