The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 11, 2008

Spring...has it sprung?

I cannot contain my excitement about the onset of spring.
At Donn's place (the blogger formerly known as Homo Escapeons), I saw the first robin of the year. In our part of the world, that is traditionally considered THE first true sign of the onset of summer.
We've seen the Canada Geese return. We've seen most of the snow melt. But for me, the biggest and most certain indicator of spring and summer is seeing a robin. And now I have.
So all is right with the world.
The fact Donn barbecued a terrific steak to go along with perfectly cooked potatoes and onions and mushrooms, in advance of seeing his brillant son Spencer do Improv, was pure spring heaven after what seemed like a long, cold winter.
There's talk of the temperature exceeding 20C (around 70F) in the next few days. I'm skeptical, but hopeful. Can you be both at the same time? I don't know. All I know is I'm ready for heat, for the sun's warmth.
And that's a good thing.


  1. Good Bloody Riddance to Winter '07

    Another few signs of Spring;
    my neighbour had the gas siphoned out of his truck by some punk-ass delinquents during the middle of the night, and, the Raccoons are back and busy rummaging through my recycling bin in the backyard...little buggers...both of them.

    Good Times.

  2. I'm so glad to hear you say CANADA Geese -- so many people call them Canadian Geese.

  3. We still have way too much snow everywhere, temperature didn't even make it to 10 degrees today, and I am seriously tired of winter. I'm jealous of your 20+ weather.

  4. Here it is almost 40 degree celsius. Spring never sprung, it seems!

  5. Correct your spelling, please.

    Donnnn has 4 "n's".


    As MJ points out below, I stand corrected and see you now have four n's, not just two or three.

    Will this now be added to the list of the signs of sprinnnnng, thennnn?

    How do we know it wasn't the raccoons who siphoned the gas out of your neighbour's truck?

    At least it's warm enough now for the gas to actually be a liquid.


    No problemo...and they're everywhere here now. For me, even beyond the robin, the geese are the most visible sign of spring...


    I spoke too soon...or the weather wackos did. Forecast has now been altered to highs of 18 and 17 on Monday and Tuesday.

    They must have realized, "HEY, there's no way we could possibly be right, so let's err on the side of caution!"



    40C!!! Donnnn with four n's would be dyin'! I'd just be inside with the air conditioner goin' full blast.

    Is there a spring and fall in the Delhi area or is it always just one season: HOT!?


    Thank you for pointing out this latest absurdity. Now I have a new reason to denigrate and humiliate him.

  7. Here in Montany, spring has sprung, the grass is griz, I wonder where the flowers is?

    I'm a poet, don't ya know it?

  8. “I was sent here by MJ from Infomaniac.”
    --hence, the radiation suit I am wearing is for your protection, and possibly the cause of ice melting in your part of the world...

    If they're from Canada, wouldn't that make them Canadian geese? Dominion geese?

  9. Laurie:

    I think I'll do a post today on what happens 'round here when we start thinking spring has arrived...

    C' can write an original poem, now...


    Welcome! And would that be Eros Wings, or Ero Swings?

    Geez, that MJ's bossy. And no need to explain the radiation suit; we all have to wear one there.

    Not sure where you're from, but Canada geese actually have many passports.

    The reason they're called Canada geese, I guess, is that they fly north from South America and the southern U.S. every year to mate, feed on our bounty, raise their young, etc.

    Oh, and they poop. Boy, do they poop.

  10. Spring is a time for refreshing and renewing... re-emerging.... like the skunks that have been wandering through my back yard. Eek! Here's hoping the dog doesn't come face to face with one... much too smelly of a proposition.

    One more thing to look forward to - yardwork! Yuck. I like having a yard for my dog and to hang out in, but I hate doing the work it requires. *sigh*


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