The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 11, 2008

Really Stupid Media Accreditation Badges

So you think we media weenies just show up out of the blue and get to cover all these sports events, huh?


We have to submit to months of interrogations in dark, dank rooms by big fat guys armed with truth serums and other drugs who are hired by organizing committees that only want us to write the stories they want us to write.

Of course, we never do write the stories they want us to write. We write what actually happens, even if their event is about as poorly run as a day-care trip to the zoo.

But anyway, I have covered thousands of big events over my journalistic career, including Stanley Cup finals, Olympic Games, world championships, pope visits, federal elections, Royal visits and ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

And for all such big events, we need to get media passes.

And to obtain such passes, we need to disclose everything about the length and breadth of us, including our most intimate details from political leanings to religious beliefs to communicable diseases.

The end result, as illustrated partly below, are media credentials we need to carry around our necks, as though we're cattle or something, that make us (or me, at least), look like total dweebs.

Don't laugh too hard!

I don't usually look this bad...REALLY! But I think making you look bad is one of the organizing committees' mandates...

Uh...Howdy doody?

Not sure what PB or DR means, but I looked like I was right in the middle of a divorce or something...

Could I look any more "Dweebish?"

D'OH! There's that DR, PB again...


  1. :) you look like a different person in everyone lol....... do you keep them all like medals someone has won?.......

    They are almost as bad as pastport photos lol.....

    ok maybe NOT that bad, but mine is horrendous.....

    Soooooooo thats your real name ;)


  2. Well, they can never capture the real you in a photo, as you are a multi-faceted person.... or is that multiple personalities???

    But hey.... as long as you get in, get the job done, and no one arrests you for illegal entry, the badge has done its job, right?

  3. Ahem...

    Regarding photo number 2.

    I am NOT a sporting event!

    Regardless of what you've heard.

  4. I don't think you look dweebish at all.

  5. Toasty:

    I AM a different person in each one of them...and yes, I keep them as mementoes of events I've covered and places I've been...

    Don't know where all the older ones are, from the 92 Olympics, 88 Olympics, this and that...


    Multiple personalities, definitely...I just wish they'd make the damn things two-sided.

    They always flip around backwards so all the security weenies stop you and ask you to flip it around before they let you by...


    No, you definitely ARE a sporting event.

    I just circulate your photo of the green shorts around at all these big championships and if you're sighted, you become an instant target...


    Well, thanks! But at these kinds of events, we all joke about each other's photos and the word dweeb seems to come up a lot...

  6. Really stupid ? Not at all ! I like them, esp. when I think of photos where you focus on your nose hair :-), or redskin photos with a distorted perspective :-) No offence, those are funny, but these do you good.

  7. Multi-what? I can barely see you. Can you please change your blog layout to something lighter? This black one has started hurt my eyes! Maybe I am getting on with age?

    If you do change it, I will consider it as early Birthday present for March 22!

  8. I rather like the 2nd and 3rd one...

  9. Hildegarde:

    What, you're saying you don't like the photos of my shaving accidents and such things?

    I much prefer them to these...


    There is nothing lighter than black in my world! If nothing else, I am consistent...

    It's probably the pink shade of type I used. I'll tone that down maybe a bit...

    Maybe you ARE getting on in age (*Runs away*)


    OK, I'm getting giant life-sized posters made (yech)

  10. You look adorable in all of them... can I un-cross my fingers now?

  11. Stace:

    Sure, uncross 'em, but if you do, doesn't that mean I'm going to self-destruct in five seconds?

  12. Aorable? Chris? Stace, you can't be more wrong!

    BTW, with me in your life, I think you can think of beyond black.


    Ok, I am getting on with age. However, you are 11 years older than me and remain so until one of us dies!

  13. Har Har Har
    Don't get me wrong these are very cool and I have always admired them...but why do those mug shots always look like they were taken at 3 in the morning through a Turtle Bowl with a disposable camera in the lobby of a Mexican Whorehouse?

    I like your new Monty Python GOD avatar..that last one looked like your head was being crushed ..
    I'm crushing your head I'm crushing your head!

  14. so is that all of them... do you carry them all with you?

  15. Angel:

    Not even close to all of them...and no, I don't carry them around. They're all lying in a box somewhere...


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