The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 18, 2008

Random Acts of Procrastination


The best of times, of course, being roughly April-October, when humans can actually survive and thrive up here in the frozen Prairie tundra we call Western Canada.

When you factor in the painful, pitiful plethora of never-ending cold and -40C windchills from December to March or so, I go into virtual hibernation, which is where I'm at right now with blogging. But I digress.

Here's my current checklist, as incomplete as it is, of procrastination. In fact, I'm even procrastinating about posting this post. So if you don't actually see this on my blog, you'll know why.

But then, of course, you wouldn't know I had been procrastinating. Oh, never mind.

The lovely Anna had sent me a recipe some time ago for African style braised chicken in peanut sauce, to be cooked in a crock pot, but I have been negligent.
Now that I have two days off, I'm going to try it, dammit! And I even have a crock pot! But I need to go out and buy more ingredients. I've even written them down on a shopping list!
The unfortunate thing is I don't think the chicken parts above will actually thaw out until next Thursday, so I might get hungry. Might as well order in pizza...
I'll let you know how it turned out, if I remember or don't procrastinate further...
My toaster has more crumbs on it and in it than granny's applie pie. I'm sure I'll put this task off yet another few months. But hey, at least I'm thinking about it!

I think I need to take out my recycling. On the other hand, having all that crap on top of my trap door to the underworld prevents all those zombies, rats and other things from entering my apartment.
I think I'll think on that a bit more...

This is my son's bedroom. OK, I laundered his sheets and all, so that's my doing. The rest is his incredible mess. If I'm the master of procrastination, he's the overlord. He's in deep doo-doo when I see him next...
My guitar, which is a girl, is gently weeping as I don't play her. I really should. She just sits there, looking pretty. She wants me to hold her and play her and strum on her strings. I think I need lessons again...
Well, what else is front closet is a disaster. My rollerblades are way out of style and I need new ones. I just can't wait until I can wear my sandals again. What's a guy to do?

I have to renew my passport, which expired in July, much the same as me. I could get called on to travel outside Canada from my work at any time. This is one of my main priorities. Maybe next month.
As you can see, I keep all my bills and financial statements in perfect order. As someone said to me today, I'm a piler, not a filer. When I get around to it, I guess...
I can't believe this, but some arse actually stole the shovel I had leaning against my apartment wall outside. So the goofs at this apartment complex shovel only up as far as you see, then leave the rest for me.
I have to buy a shovel now. And this snow and cold won't go away until March sometime. Sigh. On this one, I can't procrastinate. What's the world coming to?


  1. If it makes ya feel any better, my Sams bedroom is 10 times worse then your lads LOL.....

    And I open bills and letters and stuff and then stack them in a wicker basket in the kitchen and then once a month I decide to flit through them...... lol..... missed appointments, open evenings etc jump out at me......

    The shoes in this house are piled by the front door and stacked by the back door and line up under the 10 foot pew in the kitchen....

    I dont shovel snow, if you go over to Twaddle you will see why.... so I dont care if someone steals me snow shovel that I dont even own anyways lol

    We have a huge recycling wheelbin that gets collected once a fortnight but still I have a big box of recycled stuff in me kitchen, why oh why?....

    My passport only got renewed and returned 2 days before we was to fly out to Maine last summer lol....

    Wanna join me in a cuppa procrastination?...... :)

    or do ya wanna snuggle up and hibinate....... LMFAO


  2. First of all, thank you for calling me lovely. :)

    Secondly, you MUST try the recipe and let me know how it turns out. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions / need any help.

    And thirdly, it's nice to see you posting again. I hope you don't stay away again for too long.

  3. I'm off to the liquor cabinet.

    I need a stiff drink to get through the mess.

  4. I'm currently suffering from cleaning up a year's worth of procrastination. But unlike you, I didn't dare take pictures! :D

  5. I'm back.

    The drink hasn't helped.

  6. You need to change the locks, call Molly Maid, start your chicken, burn the recycling in the fireplace, pour yourself a drink, and start strumming on your gitbox!

    Winter is almost over..
    ALMOST ((@#%&!))...
    one more month..
    just hang on..
    must save others...

  7. *recuperates enough to say don't wear socks with your sandals*

  8. NEVER WEAR SOCKS WITH SANDALS...... now, make a promise LOL


  9. Toasty:

    Forget about joining you in a cup of procrastination...the way I do it, it would have to be a vat!

    Snuggling up and hibernating...well that's what most of the smart mammals are doing at the moment.

    But there's still a few rabbits and squirrels surviving up here, along with sparrows and crows...this has got to be the most brutal, bitterly cold day I can remember, -48 with the windchill.



    My tentative plan is to try the recipe tomorrow. I have all the ingredients now.

    As far as the posting goes, I come and go about it...I'm not getting around to others' blogs, and I think that's part of the deal.

    It's a matter of time and priorities. If I can't find the time to visit others, I should shut this down.

    Still thinkin'...


    Well of course you're off to the liquor cabinet. And of course it's a mess!


    I definitely believe in taking photographs, if only for posterity's sake...and a bit of a laugh!


    The drink hasn't cleaned up the mess, then?

    Homo Escapeons:

    Yes, I must do all those things, but I'll procrastinate over the procrastination first...

    Judging by today's ugliness, I'm not sure winter will ever end.


    And how would socks and sandals come to your mind at this particular time?


    Actually, I think I'll make a point of wearing socks with sandals for a whole week in the summer, and document all of it here...

  10. i am the queen of procrastination dude... and i don't even need a shirty wonter to encourage me!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Funny.
    I have been wanting to write a post about hibernation...but I have been procrastinating.

  13. Sod the VAT, lets just hook ourselves up to IV drips so we get a continuous top up :)...

    :) you look after yourself FIRST and sod the shoes and recycling and the mess, cos, it will be back next month and so the circle continues..... I went on dishes strike, me lads continued to use EVERY dish in everyboard instead of emptying and refilling the dishwasher..... they soon got the hint when there was no dinner one night cos there was no clean pots..... lol....


  14. Please don't shut this down. I would miss it terribly.

  15. Angel:

    What's a shirty wonter? (*Scratches head*)


    Yeah, well, if you're hibernating right now, then you've got an excuse. Your heartbeat has slowed and you are only semi-conscious.

    At least you've got an excuse for procrastinating! Me, I'm always only semi-conscious!


    Good move on the dishwasher front and gettin' those four boys 'o yours back! Guys can be so dense (did I just say that?)

    I am happy to report I know have taken out the recycling and have shovelled the walk, using my neighbour's shovel...


    Thanks. I'll see how it goes. :-)

  16. We're still awaiting the tour of your boudoir.

  17. Your house looks a little like mine... only yours is considerable tidier!

  18. You're doing a great job procrastinating.



  19. MJ:

    You're not going to let that go, huh? I've probably posted about 15 pics of my boudoir at various times on several posts in the past...

    I have nothing left to show!

    But I see one of your most recent posts garnered 82 comments. Is that an MJ personal record?

    I'm still waiting for you to bring back the pic of you in the green elf shorts with the paper bag over your head and you castin' some cleavage...


    How can that be?

    Actually, having worked as a janitor at a high school gymnasium right after high school, I can confirm girls are much less tidy than boys...


    I see you've entered in to your time machine again and have landed on "Homo Escapeons, the Teenage Years" module.

    It's better than Bach or Beethoven or whoever the hell you were last week, but you're only about 40-50 pounds heavier now...

    Just call me the High Priest of Procrastination...

  20. Sometimes I'm very neat, almost fanatical... but mostly I'm not :) Particularly In The Absence Of Aidan, with nobody to please or impress!! I clean when friends come over, which isn't often. hehe

  21. What in hell kind of toaster is that? :). You put one slice of bread in each of those slots or two? If you tell me only one I say: "that is really weird", but if two I say: "that is clever" :).

  22. Ha! Am I the one who said you are a piler, not a filer!!?!? As am I, so there you go. Kinda neat to read these blogs, and I have to say to Anna that the chicken recipe you gave WW was fantastic! Although he did half the hot peppers in consideration of my sensitive tummy but could definitely have doubled up on the curry powder. Next time....

  23. I procastinated too long to comment on this post of yours. Not any more.

    Looking at think my mom would be proud of me. I think next time she tells me to get my things in order, I will show her your post. (My mom still is a tyrant, although I love her to bits!)

    I am moving house in the end of April and I kind of need to sort through my books, clothes, papers..etc. You get the gist?

    Warm hugs for you. May you melt soon.

  24. Well, well, well, aren't you Gautami's little pet.
    Why is she always so nice to you?
    Honestly. That really burns my ass!

    OK OK so I'm jealous?

  25. Stace:

    Oh, that Aidan has so much of a hold on you...lucky guy! I'm sure you please and impress him with much more important qualities than cleaning up...


    One piece of bread in each of the four, which results in four pieces of toast...what more could you expect?


    It was good, wasn't it? I confess, it was you called yourself a piler, not a filer, and I stole that from you...but it's true about me too...

    Double the curry powder, right, I agree..


    I feel honoured that you could show your mom my post, to lessen her criticism of you by using me as the ultimate in messes...

    We are actually thawing here, at least this weekend, it's pretty warm...

    So at the end of April, are you going to ship to me all the things you're throwing out?

    Warm hugs back...


    Yet another new avatar. What an ass. And maybe that's why Gautami's favouring me over you.

    You're changing so much lately, she doesn't know who you are. You're such an arse.

  26. I come back DAYS later and there's STILL crumbs on the toaster!

  27. MJ
    I know he must be doing something in the RW?!

  28. We should just clutter his comment section with mindless nattering..
    oh look I've already done that.

  29. Homey, if I didn't have to leave for work soon, I'd join you.

    Tell you what. If he hasn't posted by this evening, I'll come back and sprinkle more crumbs on his toaster. And in his shoes. Not that he'd notice.

  30. Homey, quit staring into the sun.

    Look at the burn it's giving you.

  31. Homey, do you have to don (DON, get it?) a Hazmat suit before you enter his house?

  32. I bet he's got crumbs in his bed too, the filthy bastard.

    No wonder he doesn't want to give us a tour of his boudoir.

  33. Homey:

    More avatar adventures from the abattoir. What's that, about 5 different ones, just on this post?

    Thanks for bumping up my visitor numbers, however. I think I get a bonus with every post that hits 40.


    Do not tease Donn. He wears a Hazmat suit everywhere he goes, it's his fashion statement.

    And obviously the two of you haven't globbed on to the fact that, well, I'm procrastinating over when I'll write another post.

    And there's nothing new to show you or anyone else about my boudoir. You've seen it, you've seen my ass...what more do you want?

    Oh, don't answer that question...

  34. ok now ya worrying me......are you okay?


  35. Toasty:

    I am fine, really! I'm just not into the blogging thing right now, busy with work and other things.

    Thanks for askin', but I'm cool. Really.


  36. Well you take care of yourself then..... cos

    I will probably of left the blobsphere when you have finished procrastinating lol......


  37. Toasty:

    Well, OK, so I'm the Jabba the Hutt of the Blobosphere! I'll try to post before you leave...


  38. OK let's shoot for 50.

  39. Homey/MJ:

    Ha ha ha! Doinks...

  40. Chris, I can't go ga over an eighteen years old. Tell Homey that.

    Frankly, I like the name Chris better than Donn.

    And you want my mess?

    Come and pick!


  41. oh crap... that was supposed to be a "shirty winter", as in shitty...

  42. Gautami:

    You're gettin' kinda cryptic on me. What does the 18-year-old reference mean?

    I'm guessing you're meaning Donn is acting like an 18-year-old? Ha! What's new?

    I like the name Chris better than Donn too, but it's like comparing apples and oranges.

    I would have to spell my name Chriss for it to be more meaningful. And the 52?


    Shitty winter indeed.

    Inside, Outside:



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