The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 27, 2008





after that last post...




  1. ::Rings bells, jumps up and down and does a hipshake::: in honor of your laughter.

    Soft love,

  2. Ha! Thanks. Can I see that hipshake again?

  3. Ah! It does a world of good to see these pics today -especially Silly Walks. I'm going to have a better day now -THANK YOU! John Cleese with those great bit long gangly legs of his cracks me right up. I might have this wrong, but I think it was actually Michael Palin who came up with the idea for Silly Walks.He was usually the force behind their good/well known material.

  4. Lee:

    See, I knew that, which I posted them and led off with Silly Walks...

    You think Michael Palin spawned creation don't you? (Pssttt--don't say anything, I think he's my fave of the Monty Python crew too)

    Inside, Outside:

    Thanks, Girl! NOW I'm smilin'!

  5. Lee:

    Which IS WHY, AH SAY, IS WHY, I posted them...(damn words, Ah Say, damn words, always forgittin' 'em)

  6. Don't look now but the self mortificating albino *assassin from Opus Dei is outside your door.
    Laugh all you want but the battle for your soul will soon be won.

    *Da Vinci Code reference..
    just thought that I'd save you some time.

  7. Ha you're asleep I might as well waste some more cyberspace..
    let's see..
    what's in the news today?
    Ted Kennedy is supporting Obama..
    Of course the BIG story of the day is that our much maligned hometown of Whateverpeg has crowned itself the city with the world's longest skating rink - 9 kilometres versus the 7.8 km of ice offered by the Ottawa's Rideau Canal Skateway.
    No doubt you will post about this tomorrow..
    good night sweet prince.

  8. SS:

    I know who the albino assassin is, you foul-spelling numbskull. If he shows, I'll just pull his spiked chains so tight he'll die instantly.

    I was way ahead of you on the skating rink story. Nobody outside Winnipeg and Ottawa cares.

    And how do you like this? It gets up to -1C or whatever and they're forecasting -45C with windchill with that incoming blizzard.


    Already, you need a new avatar. So is Homo Escapeons officially extinct, then?

  9. That chain thingamabob is called a cilice.
    I KNEW that you would write about the skating..pfft! It is absolutely gorgeous outside...
    I think that Enviwrongment Canada has been outsourced to Tuvalu because they don't know what the hell they are talking about.

  10. Blogger formerly known as HE (or now THAT'S CHANGED AGAIN??!!):

    Yeah, right, cilice. That thing you've been wearing all these years...all that guilt, huh?

    I am NOT writing about the world's largest skating rink. Like I said, only Ottawa and Wpg care about it.

    Tuvalu: Isn't that one of the world's smallest islands off the coast of Indonesia?

    I have to go to work...

  11. Cilice?


    Hey, show us your codpiece while you're at it.

  12. Ummm... (blushing)... I've had to wear the cilice in the past.

  13. MJ:

    I have an entire drawer full. Which model would you prefer? Ancient Irish or Modern Roman?


    Don't blush.

    I've always said I don't get that, and I've never hidden that.

    But then people don't understand why I (still, but hopefully not for long) smoke.

    They're both, in a sense, willingly allowing pain to be inflicted upon the body.

  14. John Cleese makes me laff LOL!


  15. Keshi:

    Personally, I like the Black Knight scene or the Frenchman at the castle wall scene in Holy Grail.

    They ALL make me laugh.

  16. Sit in the corner of my life for a day and I can guarantee you will 'laff ya socks off' :)...

    Whilst ya there ya can stack the dishwasher, feed the chickens and maybe make a start on the ironing :)


  17. Toasty:

    I guess you have an apron for me then too? I wouldn't trust me with ironing, though.

  18. Are we still laughing....smiles... You and SS (he) are on a roll about surrent and non-current events. What is a girl to do?


  19. Sorry I didn't get to read your previous post sooner. I understand, though. I've never been religious, my family wasn't at all, and I've never been to a church service of any kind. But I've had friends who are religious (and my mother in law, very much so), and the guilt trip aspect of it has always disgusted me. That said, there's nothing nicer than a Christian person who really embraces the princples of love and generally being nice, when you get the feeling that they'd do it anyway even with no promise of reward after death. But the concept of asking people to act like that unnaturally, it's like bribery. "Be good, and I'll make sure you get this reward... but you won't be able to confirm the existance of this reward, you just have to trust me..." hrrrmmmm, dodgy.

    Anyway, I could gripe about religion all day but I won't. Did you see Spamalot? So funny, I loved it.

  20. Inside, Outside:

    Hey, that's like a synonym for Within, Without!

    It's hard to laugh when the temperature has plummeted to -28C (with windchill, somewhere around -40C, I think) after enjoying -2C.

    (Sorry, you'll have to do the farenheit conversion yourself).

    But we's gettin' by and, yes, smiling. The artist formerly known as HE is on a roll, I agree.

    But what do you mean, what's a girl to do? I say just keep shakin' those hips!

    Ya got it, flaunt it!


    I hope you had a fantastic time with our (I mean Your) Man Aidan, sweet girl.

    I hear what you're saying (which famous shrink said that?)

    I think my point with the religion thing is that every single human been can be kind and nice and loving -- WITHOUT the religion, no matter which religion it is.

    Being a good person doesn't depend, in the least, on your religious leanings or beliefs.

    It just doesn't.

    And that's why, to me, it's a pot of crock.

    I don't think I saw Spamalot. I should.

  21. WW u make me laff too! I think I should get married to a funny Canuck like ya :) wut say?


  22. Keshi:

    I'm single and I'm here. We have very liberal immigration laws. So knock yourself out.

    I'll pick you up at the airport, but it's about -37,000C. Dress warmly. Alternatively, I am a very good warmer-upper.


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