The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

May 11, 2007



There is nothing more precious on our planet, I believe, and more important, than a loving, giving mom, the one true constant and ever-present beacon.

A mom who sticks up for you when the school principal says you're a jerk, who guides you with wisdom, who listens when you need to talk, who holds you while you cry.

Whose constant show of compassion teaches you that most beautiful of things, caring. Who kicks you in the butt when you need it (but gently), who lets you learn a lesson the hard way.

Who spoils you sometimes and makes you believe in yourself, but who questions you enough so you don't take anyone for granted. Who helps you develop a conscience and so much more.

Thanks Mom.

Thanks for letting me climb trees whenever I wanted.
Thanks for letting me live on the wild side and allowing me to return.
Thanks for letting me run away 100 times a week -- and always come back.
Thanks for always telling me, "Oh, dry up!" And letting me laugh about it.
Thanks for reining in my bad temper.
Thanks for not disowning me when I pulled Mrs. Davey's dress down.
Thanks for forcing me to pass typing in Grade 9.
Thanks for telling me I WOULD grow...and smiling with me when it happened.
Thanks for letting me fail Grade 10 French and NOT coming to my rescue.
Thanks for helping me survive those first few lost loves...and every one since.
Thanks for 100 million other moments and things that have made me me.


  1. Awww!
    You just made it twice as hard for the rest of us Sons you bastard!
    I can't add a thing to that beautiful tribute...
    except that your predilection for posting images of Baboons is a Subliminal Freudian Avalanche of subconscious desires that is Way too much information and an obvious cry for help.

  2. That was lovely. Photos of your mom always make me smile. She is such a beautiful woman and looks like she has so much strength. You obviously had a wonderful role model in your life. It's a shame all children can't be so lucky.

    And how sweet that you included a photo of your current flame!

  3. HE:

    So you figured out my thing for baboons, huh? Give Carol a hug for me, and Ally Baby too.


    Yes indeed, she is a beautiful woman. And you noticed that my flame is the fourth one from the top, huh?

    You know more about me than I do. :-)

  4. Love it:), A fitting tribute for one who has given so much, and asked so little..

    WE owe our mothers a lot. I dont think we could ever truly repay them for all they have done.

  5. Aidan:

    Me Mate, that's the thing about good's all unconditional, it is, just because it is. It's the one infallible lovely reality of nature's way, the one inescapable conclusion above all else...

  6. That is a really lovely post. And this "thing" that a mother has for her child-who can fathom it? A child is the biggest romance, in a way, of our life. Here is a weird, and somewhat gross, thought :). Baby girls come into the world with..oh, there's no good way to say it...the eggs already there -oh, I said it sounds gross. So from day one the knowledge of future children -we carry them with us -they are so much a part of us.

  7. Having met you, all I can say is she must have done SOMETHING right.

  8. Your mom is beautiful. She obviously did a great job raising you.

    And I think your new baboon, er girlfriend, is lovely. I'm sure you two will be very happy. ;-)

  9. The R in Moms R Us is facing the wrong direction, but at least you've got the animal kingdom theme correct. =)

  10. Lee:

    Yeah, isn't that an amazing thing, about the eggs, so the mom always has that future child within her, it makes perfect sense, don't it?

    From reading your blog, I know you are one of those most beautiful moms. I hope that knowledge shines within you.


    What? Two "nice" comments in a row? Ha! You're setting me up for a big fall, I know it!

    Thanks, kiddo.


    A soccer ball, huh? Thanks about my mom...and yes, I'm sure me and the baboon will be howling...


    A new avatar! Brilliant. And if there was a way for me to a backwards R, I woulda...

  11. Nothing more can be said. You have said it all.

    Love for our moms goes beyond anything/everything.

    Beautiful pictures of your mom.

    PS: this avatar of yours is sustainable.

  12. WW:
    I loved the poem and the pictures! Your mom is lucky, I got a garbage disposal from my son for Mother's Day! But I really needed one!

  13. I loved this. your mom must be so happy...i hope you let her read this.

  14. OMG I cried!


  15. Gautami:

    Thanks. Yeah, momdom just endures, it just is. As A Toy Story character once said, "to infinity...and beyond!"

    And my sustainable? Thanks...


    I'm pretty sure your son wasn't trying to tell you anything other than he loved you...


    You are one of those beautiful moms, I hope you know's evident from your blog, like that last post you did about your kids...

    I'll try to make sure my mom sees this, thanks.


    If it was a happy cry, then good!


  16. I'll never forget the first time I ever drank red wine, at my brother's 21st birthday party. I must have been 16 at the time... and something about the wine disagreed with me - I wasn't drunk, I only had half a glass!!! But I ended up feeling very ill and throwing up in the lady's room of the lovely restaurant we were in. And who was there brushing my hair out of my face and patting my back? It was my mother.

  17. Stace:

    Exactimundo. Unconditionally. Instinctually. Lovingly. Nothing matches it.

  18. Such a touching tribute!!

    I have four little ones, and not a day goes by that I am not reminded of what love really is. The love of a child surpasses all other definitions of is love. It is true love. To love one unconditionally, without reason, but with cause, is true beauty in love.

    It shows us, gives us hope in loving others...

    Oh how great it is to be a mother...hardaches, trials, joys, sadness and all...there is nothing greater, than to love your child.

  19. Awaiting:

    Ha, girl, you turned it around...the love of child for mother, unconditional...

    I think a lot of it has to do with need. The kids NEED you to be that fantastic mom.

    And the mom NEEDS to feel that love from their kids. Do you think? Nothing like it. That's right.

  20. oh what a beautiful post w.w.! your mom sounds like one fantabulous lady!

  21. and you had me doing a double take when there was suddenly a picture of a baboon on the screen!

  22. WW..most certainly...I NEED their love to move forward. They are my motivation, my live, my love.

    You summed it up! :)

  23. Angel:

    Thanks. There's nothing more beautiful than a beautiful mom who cares. It's life in living colour.

    And I take every opportunity I can to get baboon pix in there, just to surprise the masses and insult the subjects of my blog...


    You WILL move forward, girl. You for them, them for you. It's the tie that binds.


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