The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 9, 2007

Canada vs. the U.S....again

UPDATED April 9, 11:41 p.m. CDT

They're all ready to give it 110 per cent (and other sports cliches).

On Tuesday night, it will be Canada and the U.S. -- as it always has been -- in the gold medal final of the World Women's Hockey Championship.

The picture above was from Saturday night at Winnipeg's MTS Centre, with the Canadians on the right and the Americans on the left.

The Americans probably deserved to win, but Canada stormed back to tie the game and they won the game 5-4 in an overtime shootout.

But it was a playoff round pool game that didn't mean much.

As expected, the U.S. beat Finland 4-0 Sunday night, guaranteeing themselves a spot in Tuesday night's championship game.

Canada beat Finland 5-0 Monday night and will now face the Americans Tuesday night for all the marbles.

Canada has never lost to Finland and now has a record of 40 wins, 0 losses and 1 tie against them.

The Americans won the last world championship in Sweden in 2005 when they beat Canada for the gold medal for the first time ever, winning an overtime shootout in Sweden.

Canada had won every other world championship before that and, last year at the Olympic Games in Turin, Italy, Canada won the gold medal while the Americans finished fourth.

An important side note is that the game on Saturday night featured in those pictures above attracted 15,003 fans to the arena here, the largest crowd ever to witness a women's hockey game in history.

The gold medal game Tuesday night is also a sellout. It should be a dandy...


  1. MJ:

    Where's your national pride, girl? Where's your pride in what Canada's female athletes are doing?

    Where's your stiletto heels?

    I bet if this was the World Darts Championship, you'd be more interested...or the World Cup.




  2. I hate to admit it, but I'm with MJ on this one. Sorry!

  3. Your profile pic looks like a police mugshot.

  4. Carn the pies... sorry wrong sport

    15000 at an internation event.... how odd... melbourne if it was a world class event, you would be looking at 50k+ cpacity of 90k which happens most weekends....

    Its a shame that womens sport doesnt get the funding and attention it deserves...

  5. Anna:

    I'm reporting you to the National Action Committee on the Status of Elite Female Hockey Players.

    Just kidding. I get it. No need to be sorry. It's been my life for the past three weeks.

    I'll get over it.


    Well thanks, goil! That settles it. I think I do need to run a contest...

  6. If the Bible has taught us nothing else, and it hasn't,
    it's that girls should stick to girls' sports, such as hot oil wrestling, foxy boxing, and such and such.
    Homer J Simpson

  7. Hey WW! Half way through a comment telling you to change your picture (I'm with Stace on this one) because I've seen you looking sexy (but not in the current one)and my pc crashes - it's telling me it has an exception error and now my DLL (WTF?) is in the wrong place! What Have You Done?

  8. and HE - sorry, I think you're wrong, I think the Bible has taught us nothing :)

  9. ziggi,
    Ah my dear ziggi, I implore you to recite the double negative out loud several times at your leisure...
    for it is my understanding that we are in agreement as to the inference made...
    although the writers have cleverly disguised it so that many can deduce that it means that people do not act upon the simple instructions found within.

    Are we good?
    Let's HUG IT OUT!

  10. Aidan:

    Hey, arenas are indoor facilities, few of which are ever larger than 20,000 capacity.

    There's just no way they could build a complex that could seat 50,000 or 100,000. It will never happen.

    Homer J. Simpson Escapeons:

    Didn't you leave out a few sports there, sport? Getting lost, buying shoes...

    And I'll leave it to you and Ziggi to sort out your Bible debate.

    Except I think she's saying the Bible hasn't taught us anything at ALL, not even the one thing you're giving it credit for teaching us.


    I get it already about the convict avatar likeness!! I'm now committed to running a contest.

    And to think Homely Escapeons started all of this (and what about HIS avatar?)

    As far as your computer goes, I have no idea what a DLL is and an exception error is always better than a fatal error...

    But again, and I keep raising this, you're a witch. Can't you just fix it?

  11. I came looking for cluttered cupboards, perhaps an unmade bed. I suppose I should have expected hockey. The odds were there all along.
    It was only a matter of time.

    PS. Am I allowed back?

  12. I'm not a technowitch - apparently.
    HE - I was trying and obviously failing in a little irony because I'm better at that then physics.

    Isn't it great boys to have CP back? She was kissed you know by a handsome dogprince and awoken from the deep sleep of over work cast upon her by a wicked witch which wasn't me.

  13. Cherrypie:

    Of course you are always welcomed back, we have missed has the entire Blogworld.

    I think you missed my post on unmade beds, and my cupboards aren't nearly as cluttered as my fridge.

    OK, maybe they are. Good post idea!

    You're just in time rejoining the Land of Blogs. I'm considering running a Pick WW's New Avatar contest.

    Good to see you again.


    I thought witches could do wondrous things...

    It IS great to have CP back. She's the Wicked Wit of the East (wicked in a good way, I mean)

  14. we can do wondrous things WW, but more sorta physical than technical

  15. I can't imagine, I have never it :-)

  16. correction : never seen it.

  17. oh yeah forgot it was indoors...

    Its a shame that womens sport doesnt get the funding and attention it deserves..."

    i still stand by my comment though in general.

  18. Ziggi:

    Dare I ask? Sounds fascinating...


    You have never seen hockey, or women's hockey?


    I agree with you on women's sport and funding and recognition, but it's an uphill climb.

    There are plenty of factors to consider, but sport has always been a male domain.

    How many women Roman gladiators were there? Or female conquerors of Asia? Not many.

    The fact remains, men will always be able to run faster, jump higher and everything else.

    That's not to diminish the value of women competing against other women. But if sport is really the test of what human beings can do physically, it's no contest.

    It's no one's fault, it just is.


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