The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 5, 2007

Blogworld Connects and Disconnects

an be beautiful things
Springing to life, out of nowhere
Started on a smile, stirred by a sentence
Sparked by images and imaginations
Seeded by alluring avatars and high-speed harmony

Brought on by an idea, by a story
By boldness, by baring a soul
By sharing a moment, by shedding a tear
By opening a heart, by setting aside fear
By wanting and wishing and waiting

By a melding of me’s at 100 Mbp's


Can become Disconnections
With wrong expectations and hopes too high
With words blurted out, with pushes and prods
With pressure and prying and glaring of eyes
With feelings too strong, words all gone wrong

With hopes unfulfilled, proposals rejected
With desires ejected, words recollected
With misunderstandings or stating of truths
With values questioned, beliefs on the line
With offences taken and feelings flambed

The connection can wither and die on the vine


  1. Good morning and HAppy Easter...

    Connects and disconnects, can be great or can be crushing, however you wont know unless you give it a crack, you cant allow the fear of failure to cloud the joy of making a meaningful connection...

    The blog world removes a lot of the rejection aspect of making a connection, people generaly dont wander onto a blog to say how bad it is.... If what your saying rubs someone the wrong way, they wont comment and will probably forget by the next post..

    OK im off on annother adventure for a few days... HAppy Easter to you, and the boys. stay safe


  2. I'm curious as to the event/series of events which inspired this post.

  3. Aidan:

    Happy Easter to me and the Boys?

    Yeah mate I'm saying both the connects and disconnects are just the way things fear of failure here.

    The meaningful connections are a joy, and the disconnects when they happen can be painful, but that's life.

    I'll visit later to find out about your latest adventure...and I appreciate the connection with you.


    Dang emotionally-intelligent females from Oz...(but I love ya).

    You will remain curious. Of course it's inspired by both connections and disconnections I've had, but I won't ID those.

    All I can tell you is it happens, and both make me think and feel.

    It's like any other aspect of life with people who come and go, except this is cyberlife.

    There's something different about that, but similar too.

    And I want to say to you what I said to Aidan: thanks for comin' by, I truly value you.


  4. I wonder if the connections ever disconnect. If the connection was based on something deep and valuable then maybe that connection never goes away. Maybe people choose to push the connection aside because at least one person thinks it would be best. Maybe when the connection moves in a direction that it shouldn't, then time to think about how to enjoy that connection while going in the right direction is necessary. Lots of maybe's in there. Not much help, am I?

    Beautiful post, beautifully written. I'm again in awe of your unending talents.

  5. This is totally vain of me, but I miss seeing my name on the right side of your blog page. Silly, isn't it?

  6. Anna:

    All very worthwhile thoughts and feelings. Depends on how enduring the connection is, I guess.

    And how much both want to respect what they're each saying and to come to some sort of peace.

    Lots of maybe's, but makes lots of sense.

    As far as your (and everyone else's) links on my blogroll, I've added some of Gloogler's new widget thingies, and it took me a while to restore some of my old stuff, including the blogroll.

    You're there, right where you used to be...


  7. You are learning to be a poet. This is interesting. Now it seems I got more competitions. But again, more the merrier. It hones my poetic skills to strive even better.

    I find in here multi-layered meaning..and this is not only for the blog world.

    Welcome to the poetic world...

    And hugs. Long time I did that..LOL!

  8. hmmm...when he lays down his hockey-writing pen the man takes up the poetic quill.And to good effect.
    You are right, of course;connecting and disconnecting occurs at many levels in all lives.
    I hope it was not a blogger who stepped on your toes!

  9. *plugs into Spaceship Orion and hopes there's never a power failure*

  10. Anonymous8:14 a.m.

    G'Day Mate!

    That was pretty f**kin' good and you may have answered your own f**kin' you don't have to f**kin' quit f**kin' Blogging!

    Instead of f**kin' writing all this f**kin' sensitive male bullsh*t you can take the next f**kin' step and become some artsy fartsy f**kin' poet.

    Within..Harden the f**k up!


  11. Gautami:

    I wouldn't say I'm learning to be anything, but I am experimenting a bit, and this required it.

    I could never compete with you, dear Gautami.

    And you certainly are perceptive. While this is specifically about blogging connects and disconnects I've had, it goes far beyond the Blogworld.

    And it's not to say I'm not myself responsible for some of those disconnects too...even just by not visiting others so much due to lack of time or commitment, which has been happening a lot lately.

    Thanks for the hugs!


    Bloggers step on one another's toes sometimes, same as all other manner of people, sometimes resulting in complete chaos.

    But it's still much more a place of connections than disconnections.



    Spaceship Orion has a never-ending supply of high-grade Plutonium Defibrillator Generating Capacity to prevent that from ever happening...


    Well what a f***in' surprise to f***in' hear from you, you f***in' Aussie hard-ass lard-ass!

    Strange, I was just f***in' introduced to you the other f***in' day by Homo f***in' Escapeons and laughed my f***in' ass off!

    I'm not f***in' sure all bloggers would find you that f***in' funny, but maybe I'll post some of your f***in' YouTube vids someday.

    In the meantime, I've f***in' given you your own little f***in' Chopper's Corner spot on my f***in' sidebar.

    Now harden the f*** up!

  12. I have witnessed, first hand, the joy that this type of connection can bring and I have dreaded the possibility of it ending. But even if that connection is severed...if the bond is broken, I will always believe that making the connection was the right thing to do.

  13. Laurie:

    These types of connections can be fantastic things, agreed. But like anything fantastic, they can also change.

    The beauty is in making the connection in the first place and feeling it grow. If it breaks, the only thing to do is lament that it did, try to figure out why and move on to other connections.


  14. Happy Easter to you! And this post is so true. I have experienced mostly the good, aside from one bad troll.

    Hope your day goes well.

  15. Awaiting:

    Thanks, and to you too. I can only imagine all those little wascally wabbits of yours are wondering already where all the Easter eggs is hid...

    I used to hide mine on my kids too well and our dog would sniff the unfound ones out weeks later and get sick eating them...


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