The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 26, 2007

Marvin experiments with his
Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator


  1. I take it by the absence of anything with life on the pic that Marvin's experiment was a success.

    I'd hate to see what an upgrade to that modulator can do.

  2. Whew..
    I'll have to come back ((pant))
    and try to finish (huff))
    reading the rest in stages((cough))

    Way to go Tolstoy!

  3. Is that your bath toy?

  4. No, Menchie, if you'll note poor Marvin's expression, I don't think he meant to annihilate all life.

    But what the heck. Sometimes I feel the same way with my computer and Blogger.


    My son, you must examine the deeper meaning of Marvin's actions, in light of the previous post.

    Besides that, the image of utter lifelessness, desolation and emptiness closely mimics the range of ideas my tiny brain is currently generating for posts.

    And Gloogler does not support YouTube, so even a Monty Python bit was out of the question.


    I usually shower rather than bath, but when I do actually play in the water, I have other toys to play with.

  5. "but there was meant to be an earth shattering Kaboom?"

    Harold holt, elvis, osama bin ladin and MArvin... all in hiding on MArs

  6. That picture closely resembles my brain. A dry and barren wasteland, with a funky alien hanging out on the corner.

  7. Aidan:

    Oh, so that's where all the party animals are.


    Well, then. We can start a new club.

  8. Is Marvin meant to represent GWB and his "experiments" in Iraq? Is there a much deeper meaning to this cartoon? Because I just don't buy into your tiny male brain comment.

  9. what IS that thing?
    who is Marvin?

  10. Anonymous5:04 p.m.

    Come on wheres my nightly read?!! lol!

  11. Keshi:

    Thanks for stoppin' by and sorry I haven't been around so much. I'll try to change that.


    Nah, I've taken a bit of heat for going after Dubya before here, although that won't stop me if I feel so compelled.

    It's just my current state of mind, both as far as blogging and general thinking goes.

    And I do have your typical small male brain. You HAVE seen my previous postings on the male brain, haven't you?



    Oh c'mon girl! Where ya been? I know all about Coronation Street and Keeping Up Appearances!

    No, she who is 105 and who definitely knows about spells, Marvin the Martian was one of Bugs Bunny's most funny and fascinating enemies.

    He's from Mars, obviously, that's a pic of him and he has a trusty dog named K-9. They always tried to destroy Bugs but, same as Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd or the Tasmanian Devil, never could.

    He has a great voice and shuffles around. He's one of my heroes. Remember, I'm from Spaceship Orion.


    I'm blank! Well, I mean, more blank than usual. I'm tryin'. Where there's a will, there's a, maybe.

  12. i see it was a success...

  13. I saw it in HE's blog. It's a cute pic of u WW :)



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