The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 3, 2006


I have always hating shaving. And now I hate it even more.

See the cut on the tip of my nose? I cut myself there not by trying to shave THERE, but by shaving the left side of my face and then bringing my hand, with razor in it, over my nose to shave the right side.

What hairy follicle-filled tales of close shaving disasters do you have to share?


  1. thankfully Im not hairy beast to have to shave my legs/armpits often LOL! But I did cut my thigh once OUUUUUUUCH!


  2. You hit upon one of my few fetishes - shaving a man. Maybe I'll blog about it so you can get that puzzled look off your face. ;)

    I cut myself while rushing through shaving my legs in the shower about a month or two ago. I accidently slid the razor across my shin diagonally and the thing bled for two days. It still hasn't healed and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be left with a scar. I'm pretty clumsy and should really stay away from razors and stick to waxing, but I don't have the patience required for waxing. I hate waiting for hair to grow just long enough. I want to be smooth, damn it.

  3. A friend of mine told me a story about a lady she worked with. She was shaving her legs in the bathtub and with her knees in the air she went a bit too far on the upstroke and caught her nipple.

    You guys have it so easy. :P I have scars on my ankles from not paying enough attention. Of course this never happens when I shave my nether region because I'm oh so very careful.

  4. I once stepped and slipped on a razor blade, does that count?

  5. What a SPAZ!
    Over the years I estimate that while shaving I have exsanguinated enough blood to fill a 2L container.

    Like Chirstine I am verrrry careful when I am trimming my man muff...naturally we men can't sculpt those cute little girlie shaped hearts so we have to carefully shave manly Tanks and Bulls or Bears and Rockets..but my all time favorite was a giant Mushroom Cloud!
    That was awesome!

  6. Have you ever tried a beard ? (isolates against the cold too I suppose)

  7. I remember one night (not too long ago) my husband and I had a disagreement while he was shaving his head.

    He finished shaving and got ready to go to the store.

    Was I wrong to not tell him, he had missed MASSIVE spots on the back of his head? Dude looked like a chia pet!

  8. Keshi:

    Ugh. Thankfully, all I've ever done to my thigh is sunk a drill bit into it...


    Do I look that puzzled? I think I always looked that way. (??? Duh).

    One of your "few fetishes?" Oh yes, do blog about it.

    As for your shin, maybe you needed a stitch or two. As for waxing, yeth I have no patience for it either.

    Smooth is sexy, I guess.


    Thanks for comin' on by...

    But EWWWW! You win the prize for most horrifying image or thought. That poor woman...

    I agree that in SOME ways we guys have it so easy. Just keep in mind that these faux pas (or should that be faux pases) happen on the face (for me, anyway, see my response below to HE).

    So aside from summer time and when you wear dresses in the winter, the legs you ladies shave (and other parts, I'm glad you're careful) are mostly hidden.

    We have to bare our razor ridicule right on our mugs.


    It only counts if you cut yourself while doing it. Regardless, it sounds perilous.

    Homo Blood Escaping

    You like that word exsanguinated, don't you? Seems to me you've used it a lot lately.

    Is that your Sesame Street word of the week?

    I invite you to post, with pictures, on your mushroom cloud. But seeing as you have raised the subject, I think you're a girl.

    Even if it is your birthday on Wednesday.

    I do not shave my "man muff" as you call it, unless I am instructed to for medicinal protective procedural purposes, in which case I hacked it all off. The hair, that is.

    In that respect, I am no better than George BUSH. But I am at least completely natural.

    I do, however, clip my nose hairs.


    You are so practical and wonderful...I have on occasion, and in fact now I may post a pic of me with one.

    The only problem is all the hair on my face grows in exceptionally grey, which would make me actually look my age.

    And besides that, the bugger of it is I still have to trim it and be more exact about it.

    It's easier just to shave it all.

    (by the way, went to your blog but because my Flemish is somewhat rusty, I screwed up and couldn't post a comment; I'll try again).


    Girl, I sympathize with poor Jack (I hope I remembered his name!) but if I was you, I would've done the same.

    I see men who shave their heads all the time. I see nicks, I see hair they missed...they look brutal.

    I kind of feel a bit bad for them, but I don't say anything because they'd probably want to slink into a corner.

  9. Cutting your nose-that was bright ;). I remember this time when I was 12 and staying with my great aunt and cut a bit of a chunk out next to the left knee and rummaging through her cabinet trying to find a bandaid or anything at all!! Ended up going through a heap of this rolled up cotton wool that she had. Worst of all, because it wouldn't stop bleeding , I had to tell her what I'd done which was a big deal because she throught it was TERRIBLE that a young girl would be shaving her legs!-haha. There is still a scar there now. Now I shave my legs in one minute flat and don't even think about it.

  10. Anonymous10:58 p.m.

    umm...remember the tale about the chap who so liked the product that he bought the company?

  11. Anonymous12:11 a.m.

    I wanted to put this in my first comment, but couldn't remember it!Just found it in one of my old scribble-books.

    "A kiss! For Remington has shaved my cheek so soft,
    That I have willingly gone out and coughed
    Up funds to buy the whole shebang.
    And daily, see my profits soar aloft."

    OK, I'll stop now!

  12. Dangerously high levels of testosterone coupled with acne. My face as a teenager was a mine field of cuts, near misses and scabs. Most of the acne subsided in my older years, my worts was a nick on my head whle shaving it completely bald. One of my friends decided to after shave it.... huge ammounts of profanity followed.

    BY the way stace and I are back and alive and well.

  13. ok, ww, it's the holidays. this photo is no longer appropriate for the season. time to replace it with something less...less....less something or other. this is also not a photo to send to the dating service.


  14. Lee:

    Just another Doh! moment in the world of within without on Spaceship Orion.

    But that was quite the beaut for you at age 12, too.


    I'll tally up all my savings and see if I can afford the Gillette company.

    Or maybe I'll take Hildegarde's suggestion and just never shave again...

  15. Aidan:

    Welcome back to you and Stace, me man, I'll make it over sometime soon to see your post on your wedding bliss misadventures.

    Acne and shaving to me seem like mutually exclusive things, as I recall.

    Shaving is not the best way to get rid of fact, the image rather terrifies me right now...


    You mean my nose cut pic isn't appropriate for the holiday season? Don't you remember Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

    And a reminder...I do not require a dating service at the moment...

    Besides, my tendency seems to be to not focus on the Christmas season quite so much this early on.

  16. All things considered, you look kind of cute..:D

  17. Gautami:

    All things considered?

    You mean like a took a picture that allows people to see directly up my nose?

    Ha Ha. Thanks.

  18. ww--no dating service currently required? i am deflated.

    oh, well.....

  19. oh my golly gosh... shaving is seriously frightening!

  20. KJ:

    Sorry to disappoint you, kiddo...but I'll keep you in mind as a service should I require it.


    Yes, it can be frightening indeed...

  21. Haven't been around for a while so am playing catch up.

    It always hurts when you cut yourself no matter where. The good news is, you still have the tip of your nose.

    I used to shave my legs when I had hormones and would shave a strip of skin about 4" long off the outside of my ankle. I will never shave these gams again.

  22. Anonymous5:20 p.m.

    The funny thing is that I actually have three black hairs on the tip of my nove and shave them off when I spot them. Never a cut there, anyway.

  23. Anonymous:

    You found a post I did in December of 06? Is this AB Girl?

    And the black hairs are ON your nose rather than INSIDE your nose, as in nostrils?

    Oh well, to each his or her own...


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