The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 27, 2006



Who, really, IS this Blasphemous Blogger, this Escapeons Enigma, this Outrageous Orator? He is much more than you know or than he lets on in his blog, which anyone reading this is likely to frequent (or can be accessed from my sidebar).

What will already be evident to HE fans are his sense of humor, his knowledge of just about everything, his smart-ass but light-hearted yet insightful view of the world, his range of opinion, his capacity for the most innane trivia.

But what's beyond the bluster of the blogger? I'm about to expand your HE horizons.

We have known each other since 1979 when we both took the same two-year course in creative writing (journalism, advertising, P.R.). I almost detested his loudmouth schnook sort of personality and his good looks.

He was a chick magnet and a know-it-all to boot.

He was loud, obnoxious and unbelievably funny, even if you were his target, and I have been that often. Strangely, we became the closest of friends, because I am anything but loud and obnoxious.

We seemed to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but something clicked.

He was the best man at my wedding. But before that, we spent those two years often pie-eyed at his place, listening to music he'd always try to get me to like, at unbelievably high decibels, while I wiped him out at Blackjack or whatever other card game we'd play.

(Yes, alcohol was involved)

His place was party central. I called his dad, Dad, the most beautiful man you'd ever want to meet. His mom was like my mom. Still is. We were so close that his girlfriends were almost my girlfriends (or sometimes I might have wished they were).

Upon graduation, we each got married. I moved away and we lost touch with each other. In that time, we both had families and, as it turned out, we both saw our marriages break up, although I had moved back to my home town.

We eventually reunited. Now the both of us have lovely kids, in HE's case he has a second family as a result of a consummate union with one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, she who cannot be named (Hi Alice!), whom HE refers to only as his GoodLadyWife.

Seeing as I'm single, he says he lives vicariously through me and my on-again, off-again different relationships. We generally see each other once a week at my place, where we try to solve the world's problems, tease each other and almost certainly laugh a lot.

For example, on Thursday night, we debated the following issues and solved or joked about all of them:

1. Canada's aboriginal problem

2. Canada's crime and justice problem

3. George W. Bush and Iraq. We have solved this over and over, but Bush still hasn't got it right.

4. What we're going to do on the final night of all human existence, as prophesized by the latest pamphlet to be dumped in my mailbox entitled "Revelation of Hope, a Bible Prophecy Seminar," taking place in my city next month in these "final few days."

5. How he was going to borrow his mom's rug shampoo machine, seeing as HE twice last night spilled his rye and Pepsi. The first time, he spilled it all behind my fridge, which is grungy enough. The second time, it was on my carpet.

I sopped it up gleefully, not wanting him to feel like a complete idiot as he apologized profusely. And he wasn't even drunk.

6. We talked about blogging and bloggers, of course.

7. We talked about and checked out Brian The Mennonite's blog, which had pix from their meeting last weekend at HE's place, a social occasion I unfortunately wasn't able to get to.

8. We talked about how he said he had blogged for months initially, beginning last winter, without a comment before the lovely Cherrypie found him and, with her wit and guile, made him see there were other intelligent, engaging people out there that could be an audience.

There were other topics, obviously. But those are the main ones of interest to the Blogosphere, I figure. And now here he is, nominated for Canadian Blogger Awards in several categories in his first year, and loving it.

But from a personal standpoint, and I know him intimately, he is only just beginning. He has unique thoughts and talents, he's a man of the world, and he has always had an impact on my life and what I think, even if he won't let me take a pic of his bare butt at Carmenzta's request.

He is far more artistic than you will ever know, having adorned some of his posts with his own artwork that he doesn't take credit for. He has done a caricature of me that I have posted before, but he has also done these of my kids...

No, this is the Homo Escapeons I know...wise beyond his own knowledge despite his frivolity and partying personality, his caring for the bigger issues on a global scale, his silent and unwavering commitment as a parent and as a friend.


  1. That was beautiful! I am so impressed by your sensitivity. It isn't often that I see a post of this nature written by a man about another man. It says a lot about your confidence in your own masculinity and in your sexuality. Now I find myself wanting to read a similar post about you.

    Thank you for sharing - not only about HE, but about yourself as well. In writing as you did about HE and your relationship with him, you also revealed more about yourself. I enjoyed every line and everything in between.

  2. Response A.
    That was a wonderful tribute (made me cry you bastard) and I appreciate your kind words and heartfelt testimonial.
    I love you too.
    (aw geez..gautami is gonna have field day with this)

    Response B.
    That was soooo gay and Alice says that I am not allowed to come over any more...not that there is anything wrong with that.
    Actually she laughed and gave me a hug as I wept and cursed your name.

    Response C.
    I was so glad when you came back into my life. We picked up where we left off as if it was the day before.

    I know how lucky I am to have such a great friend and though I tease you incessantly...
    wait I am having a moment here.....
    you know it is because you are the brother that I always wanted.

    Response D.
    You bastard now I have to write some big mushy blubbering post about you or I will look like a complete asshole.
    Although really there isn't much that I can say because everybody has just witnessed how BIG your heart is.

  3. Ooohhh! This is so sweet. I love it when two heterosexual men just get so lovey dovey and mushy with each other and they hug and kiss, oooohhhh!

  4. Hi. I found your blog through Ces' blog. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who likes Leo Sayer music!!!! I'm going to have to figure out how to put a video on my blog. Perhaps some Abba or Olivia Newton-John. Definately something from the 70s.

  5. Thanks Anna.

    I'm sure everyone has a friend like HE, I just think the next step is to not worry about saying so.

    See my response to HE below for the chances of seeing a similar post about me, which would be far too maudlin at this stage...

    Thanks. You're a very soulful person whom I appreciate greatly.


    HA! Made you cry! Made you swear!

    Do NOT write some blubbering blob blog thing in response (this is enough already) or I'll bring back those picture pictures.

    You know the ones...


    Now, let's not take this TOO far...

  6. Ms. Val:

    Welcome! Ces and I just discovered each other recently, she's a lot of fun.

    The videocode thingie is really quite simple. Just click on the bottom of my video player thing and it should take you to their website.

    All you have to do then is look up the video you want, copy the code for that song, then go to your dashboard, go to template, go right down beneath the main stuff to where it says "begin sidebar" and paste the code into there.

    You might have to resize the dimensions of the video within the code (I have to cut mine to 220 x 220).

    You can put the title of the video on the top or on the bottom, then save your changes, then republish your blog.



  7. Well...I just skimmed through...but I must say that darn HE is one beautiful man...

    I must take a COLD shower and then I will be back to take in what you wrote...right now, I can't think straight.

  8. heart warming.... i dont think we do take enough time to say what we really want to to our friends and family... Very Human thanks:)

  9. Oh you two big fun-lovin' kids you. Canada's best comedy duo since Wayne and Shuster. Oh yeah, baby, THAT good.

    To me, Homo Escapeons will always be the guy with the lampshade on his head.

    But please. Try to refrain from kissing in front of us as I'm planning to sell tickets and collect a tidy sum from fellow bloggers to witness the event.

  10. The lampshade on the head -that's a good look.BUT he is attractive enough without it.

  11. Is that Leo Sayer tune meant for HE?

  12. fabulous post dude! he's really cool and i love his page, and he's cute- bonus!

    and how cool is that- we have blogging best friends!!! i think i should do a post on mine...

    p.s. i'm disappointed you didn't talk about me... mwaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Lovely. I have so many smart arse responses but this is the one that really counts: I wish I had a friend like you to immortalize me. :) Seriously, it's a humorous and touching profile of a true friend. Thanks, WW (and thanks, HE).

  15. WW, you are a wonderful man with a big heart. This was a very touchy-feely kind of post and now I must trot off to HE's to see if he's reciprocated and made you cry.

    Also, the picture of HE with the lampshade and sans pants is one I'll forever treasure in my mind. Unless I stole it and saved it to my hard drive, then I'll be able to treasure it in other ways.

  16. pamela, you are so funny - hahahaha :).

  17. Strange. After all your effort, he still has a pic of some giraffes and some smutty comment about shooting a dreamsicle . . . .

  18. Awaiting:

    That's one LONNNNG, COLD shower you're taking...


    Just a bit of insight I thought people might be interested to read, that's all...thanks.


    Wayne and Shuster? I'da been smiling if you'd said Bob and Doug McKenzie, maybe...

    Thanks. Do we get any of the profits from the kissing sideshow for bloggers?

    (And no, Leo Sayer was for Lee in Australia. I've tried to put on Tears for Fears and INXS today, but technical issues for some reason...)

    Lee (and all):

    While I can't pretend HE hasn't had those kinds of lampshade moments, the one in this pic is completely put on. It is not an ordinary occurrance...


    When I get to know you as well as I know him, I'll do a post about you...


    No, we want to hear the smart arse comments! Thanks. And keep tuning in. Have I "immortalized" HE?

    Gawd, no...

    Pam, Fronty et al:

    Again, thanks. But the point here isn't reciprocation. Homo Escapeons IS Homo Enigma, I figure.

    His response(s) tell you a lot about him too, his sensitivity and how solid he is, past the very funny HE you know and love.

    This isn't Christmas where people exchange presents just because they're supposed to.

    I've asked him not to reciprocate in some immediate response to this. His responses here are enough.



  19. Okay, I am bakc from my cold shower...yeah, it lasted long because I so needed it after leaving this place!

    Now, I would like to place a go.

    One HE with extra cheese and one WW with extra mayo.

    Can I get that like, NOW!

  20. See!

    You got me all in here mumbling and misspelling words left and right!

    You should be ashamed! :)

  21. Awaiting,

    Ask HE for a 'shoot the dreamsicle' too. . .

  22. Hey, I saw my name, I saw my name. That was a great post WW.I think I could really grow to like Donn. Last weekend was a lot of fun. It would have been good if you were there. I'm sure we'll meet one day soon.

  23. Awaiting:

    Should I say it? Comin' right up!!!! (Well, I shouldn't speak for the married HE...)

    I'm still thawing out from the cold shower I had to take following my visit to your blog.

    OK, I'm ashamed (for getting YOU all flustered. I don't mind getting flustered muhself)


    (Inbutting on comment to Awaiting): I gotta consult my modern culture dictionary to get this shooting a dreamsicle thing, although I can guess...



    I've been to your site and planned (and still plan) on making a comment there, particularly your brilliant fireplace frame for Andrea's beautiful painting.

    I wish I had met you and Joyce that night, it looked like a lot of fun. I see HE was hamming it up with Reyspoutine again.

    We'll get the chance sometime. I look forward to it.

  24. hi ww, hope you're well. I loved learning about this great friendsip and thus knowing more about you.

    i can see our blogs expanding ww, right before our eyes.

    yesterday, ces (oh ces, you are great. you just are.

    ms. val (you'll enjoy her. hey, it's time to join the thursday 13. val will show you how to make a spalsh.)

    it's a phenom.


  25. Awww, you remind me of me!

  26. KJ:

    Thanks. This expansion thing, though, while great, brings with it a whole bunch of challenges...

    Like time management, trying to get back to all the bloggers visiting you and commenting on theirs, which I STILL haven't adequately done with Ces and Ms. Val and you, for that matter, this past weekend.



    Oh really? Why?

  27. i know, ww. just remember me and a few others when your blog has a thousand hits!

    i'll be in touch!

  28. I left this post a long time ago and KJ is here. Hi KJ, isn't it great to read about WW and his loving friendship? And they are both good-looking men.

  29. dear ces via ww: yes, i love to read about friendships. no doubt ww is a good guy, although occassionally clueless (only occasionally. occasionally means infrequently ww, so please don't be hard on me for saying this). and yes, these guys are both good looking. why don't the four of us meet for lunch? (just kidding.....)

  30. KJ/Ces:

    Hey, aren't you two kinda loitering after hours?

    And what's this, then, KJ, about me being "occasionally clueless?" I'd say I'm "usually clueless."

    Are you referring to my so-so reaction to jetting off to visit some young lass in a faraway land?

    I do like the good-looking part, but forget about HE. How about just the three of us?

    (Also just kidding...I'm the only single person in the blogosphere, oh, except for...)

  31. great great tribute. Amazing friendships...everyday im learning something amazing on the net. Wish you guys all the eternity of foraging the future together!

  32. What a lovely tribute. Has he got any single brothers? Oh, yep. You x

  33. Ghoster:

    Foraging the future? That has a neat little ring to it...we are kinda like two cows, just moseyin' on around the pasture looking for the next lump o' grass to munch on.


    Geez, me face is turning as red as your hair...x

  34. you are more clever than meets the proverbial eye, ww. hmmmm. i'm thinking over here.....

  35. KJ:

    What are you thinking about?

    In such matters, my motto is, "Sometimes I sits and thinks. Sometimes, I just sits."

  36. Though I came in late, HE is right. I am lovin' it...LOL!

    Only reinforces my belief....:D

  37. Gautami:

    Reinforces WHAT belief?


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