The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 12, 2006



INSTEAD, we in the Great White North are dealing with this...

The beautiful bird above is an eastern rosella, brought to my attention by Lee, who has two of these gorgeous winged creatures inhabit her back yard in the incredible world of Down Under.
The picture below it (I think that's my curtain obstructing the right side; DOH!) is a shot of my expansive grassed area outside my apartment in the southern Winnipeg suburbs, looking out on my scenic parking lot.
The trees you see are now devoid of leaves. If I could record a soundtrack, you would hear the bitter sound of a cold, driving wind whistling through those barren branches.
But now, in between my endless search to find my longjohns with the hole in them from last year, on to a major portion of my post -- my hopes to win the Male Blogger Comeback Cleaner of the Year Award.
Several posts ago, I showed pictures of my unclean fridge and my disgustingly blackened oven. I am now able to report that in fact I have cleaned both of these crucial appliances, as below...
Voting begins tonight at 11 p.m. CST and ends at midnight at And I'd refer you back to my original post with the "before" pix, but I don't know how. You'll have to find it yourself.


  1. I miss snow! We spent October last year through to January this year in Europe, and it snowed when we were in Venice and then when we were in the UK... and I love it! I'd never seen snow before, here in Oztralia. Now I'm stinking hot... apparently yesterday was the hottest October day in Melbourne on record. Today's not far behind. Looks like we're heading for the longest, hottest, dryest summer ever. Bushfires, drought, and all the associated ills. I miss snow!!!

  2. na na u wouldnt wanna be in Tassi today WW...she's on fire! :(

    Snow is beautiful...lucky u!

    lol THE fridge seems to be gaining some calories...way to go mate :)


  3. I can't believe you already have enough snow for it to stick to the ground. Wow! It was a balmy 16 degrees today, cloudy and rainy throughout most of the day and evening (same thing yesterday). We don't normally see snow sticking to the ground until mid-December.

    I'm impressed with the oven, except for all the smudgy, smeary marks. Those bother me. It's one of my less charming quirks. And I have a couple of questions about the fridge. The Orange Crush - who is that for? The Pepsi - who is that for? And what's in the little spaceship thingy on the bottom shelf? (If you say szechuan, I'm coming over!)

  4. What is that white powdery looking substance covering the ground and cars in those pictures?

    Snow? Huh? Oh yeah, I've seen that on tv!

    Here in Mississippi we don't have snow. I mean, if we did happen upon 1/8 of an inch of snow they go to shutting down schools, shops and government buildings.

    Yes, that is how UNcommon it is here.

  5. Stace:

    You miss snow? Hey, I'll talk to our government. In about a month, we should have a few million tonnes to ship to Aussie, girl.

    And I mean REAL snow, not that wimpy European kind. I mean drifts 6-8 feet high or more.

    I'll post pix. You'll see.

    How hot was it in Melbourne?

    I know bushfires and drought are serious things and don't mean to make light of them.

    But I wear shorts every single day of our summers here, with temps around 27-30 C. I could take some of that heat right now...


    Is "Tassi" a nickname for Australia or for Tasmania? And is that where you are?

    I'll send you some snow too, then...

    Hey...was that a shot at the contents of my fridge?


    It's supposed to warm up so it'll all melt, I'm sure. For us, snow is usually here to stay by mid-November, I'd say.

    Sorry about the smudgy, smeary marks (what...did you use a magnifying glass??)

    The orange crush is for my kids and the pepsi, gulp, is primarily for me, I admit.

    Were you a drill sargent in a previous life, by any chance? Nutritionist? Should I do 100 pushups?

    The spaceship is, in fact, left-over szechuan chicken, so come on over.

  6. Awaiting! You posted while I was responding to my hundreds of other comments.

    First, I quickly saw your post saying you were going to sneak away for a while.

    Just know that I'll be visiting you every once in a while to see if that's changed.

    I fully understand and respect your need to get away from it for however long that is. I've felt that way myself a lot.


    Yes, that IS snow! You Missississississississippippippippippians, you denizens of the Deep South, you sun worshippers, would perish in an instant up here on a mid-January day.

    Of course us whiter-than-white northern Canuckleheads would pretty much wither up and die if it got over 100 F here, so that makes us even.


  7. Are you sure these are the pictures of your fridge and oven?

    Recalling the previous one somehow I doubt it...:D

  8. addendum: Here it is so HOT.

    And you are lucky to have snow out there!

  9. shockingly similar to my view!
    didn't we sign a contract or something about no snow or 5 million per hr winds before Jan?

  10. See, aren't they cool birds? I feel very lucky that they come visit - it's a though they are pets, but I don't have to see them stuck in a cage.There are heaps of different ones by the way, but these are particular to this area. Yes,Tassie is short for Tasmania. In case you didn't notice, Australians tend to shorten everything :) - breakfast becomes brekkie, afternoon becomes arvo.What else? Can't think. Tried to click got got a page can not be displayed thing.

  11. Perhaps I shouldn't mention that I'm in Vancouver. I hate those smug West Coast types.

    The fridge stain is gone! I had visions of worshippers showing up at your door to view the image of a saint in your refrigerator.

  12. Gautami:

    Oh, you're a tough one to please! I slaved over that oven and fridge for days on end!

    OK, maybe about an hour each.

    Addendum to your addendum:

    I remember that Delhi heat. Almost died. The snow here has all melted, only to come again.



    If we didn't sign such a contract, give me a pen and where's the dotted line...


    I did notice everyone in Oz shortens words. All we Canajuns say is "Eh?"

    And, no, you wouldn't go anywhere by clicking on that link...because I made it up!!!

    I take it that means you WERE going to vote for me, then? Ha ha! MJ tried it too!


    Yeah, you West Coast Wussies don't know what snow is. But then you don't know what sunshine is either.

  13. You're funny! I enjoyed reading through your posts between Thanksgiving and today. Andrea sent me here when I asked her about the origins of Candian Thanksgiving. I'd seen your comments on her site and it was really great to get to meet you via your blog.

    I loved the photos of people sleeping at work and your writing in general. Sorry about the cold and snow, though I guess it's no suprise. We're on the cusp here in the San Francisco Bay Area. One day it's summer the next fall, then winter, then back to summer. Of course our winters don't include snow, just rain.

  14. Jana:

    Thanks so much for visiting and glad you enjoyed your stay. I'll make a return visit soon.

    You're surely right about the inevitability of snow and cold. The snow has melted but there's still a howling wind and bleak grey skies, a portent of what's to come.

    San of the hundreds of places I've got to visit before my time runs out.


  15. WW, when you clean the fridge AND the stove you definitely have way too much time on your hands! Also, I want to let you know that here in sunny So Fl (In your own hemisphere) we are having beautiful fluffy white clouds in front of bright tropical blue skies and it is starting to get cooler and the humidity has disappeared (you can tell because my bangs look perfect).

    hzfvoda - the name of a famous Star Wars Jedi Master in Hungarian.

  16. Hey, Carmy, let's get one thing straight: I do this once every 21/2 years.

    And I only did it after all the femme fatales out in blogland started showing off THEIR fridges.

    It was only after I looked inside my oven and couldn't see anything but black that I decided to come clean, literally.

    So now I feel like Mr. Clean.

    Thanks for the lovely reminder that other places on the planet actually ARE still warm.

    I'm glad your bangs look perfect, because mine are taking a beating. I can't do a thing with them.

    I do remind you that we inhabitants of the frozen tundra do not suffer from hurricanes.

    And what IS this thing about this blogger language I keep seeing creep into comments/posts?

    May the rxplto be with you.

  17. All of these ladies are right...
    your neighbour's fridge is way cleaner than yours!

  18. HE:

    That may be true, but mine has more character.

  19. the snow is beautiful!
    oh, and you must be here before i leave at 7am so you can do my fridge and oven...

  20. Angel:

    That's pretty early, but as long as I've got my Easy Off and my Fantastic, you'll be happy with the job I've done...

    What's the pay scale?


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