The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 20, 2006



I have become spellbound by Tori Spelling.

I've tried to find the rash, I've searched to see if I still have a soul, I've stopped immediately flashing past all those terribly "important" Hollywood TV entertainment shows (and their pale Canadian imitators) on the boob tube.

I think I've become a tube boob.

And it's all because of a terrible actress, her equally obscure new husband Dean McDermott (a Canadian), and a little menage a trois ugly style that's playing itself out every 10 minutes in the tabloids and on tabloid TV.

Canada was the playground this past weekend for the biggest "Entertainment Tonight" non-stories of the week, it seems, or at least the Canadian media is making it out to be.

Have a gander:

TORONTO -- Tori Spelling wants lots of kids – and they’re going to have some Canadian genes.
The former 90210 star and her Toronto-bred husband, actor Dean McDermott, admitted backstage at the Much Music Video Awards they're anxious to start making babies.
“We want a McDermott hockey team,” Spelling said. “We started saying we want two. The week we met, we picked out our kids’ names. We wanted two, we wanted three – and then by the time we got engaged we wanted nine.”
The actress used the baby talk to take a shot at McDermott’s spurned ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, 48.
“When you have a young wife, they can actually have more children because they start younger,” said Spelling, 33. “I’m young and virile. I can handle it.”
McDermott and Eustace adopted a baby girl just months before he dumped her for Spelling. The couple already had one biological son.


A sidelight to this story, or at least one of them, is that Eustace is writing a tell-all book about how she was dumped by McDermott for Spelling, who if I'm not mistaken is the daughter of big-time U.S. TV magnate Aaron Spelling.

And this is dominating the headlines? Tori Spelling and another blonde-haired bimbo somehow given far more than 15 minutes of fame by the moronic North American media. Recognize her?

Read it and weep about why ANYONE really cares...

A Canadian boyfriend for Paris Hilton?

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Toronto — Last week, party girl and serial dater Paris Hilton told David Letterman she loves being single, likes not pouring all her "energy into the man," and was thriving on "getting to know who I really am." In Toronto on the weekend for the MuchMusic Video Awards, she may have had a speedy change of heart.

According to a report last night on eTalk Daily, the heiress was seen snoggling Laval, Que.-born hockey hunk Jose Theodore, a goaltender with hockey's Colorado Avalanche. A source at an after-party at the Courthouse bar snapped pictures of the 25-year-old Hilton and a man identified as 29-year-old Theodore. They were holding hands. Hilton was recently engaged to Paris Latsis, before dating another Greek shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos.

In March, Theodore's girlfriend, Stephanie Cloutier, gave birth to their first child, a daughter. Sources say Hilton and Theodore left the Courthouse together on Sunday night to hit another club.


Two more American soldiers are found dead in Iraq, North Korea's sounding off about testing a nuclear missile...and the mass media is feeding the world this pap. And we're gobbling it up.


  1. Tired of the circus? Have some bread! Tori fascinates me too, for no reason that I can name. I'm not normally into watching things like auto races or train wrecks....

  2. Hey, BL, nice to see you prowling around...

    Yeah, I need to fill up with some bread like everyone else. It's just a diversion away from the real stuff they don't want us to think about.

    But you have to admit, with her pumped up lips, blown up boobs and Barbie Doll hair, she IS quite the train wreck...

    I gotta learn to laugh at all this stuff...

  3. I'm in the dark here, so I'll just venture that I have trouble imagining uttering the statement, "I am young and virile."

    However young and virile, I'd feel so - silly! - to say that.

  4. SILLY is so apropos, Darius.

    And how far removed from the real world and real issues is this stuff?

    How off-kilter is it with, for example, the significant questions you pose that real people can contemplate and comment on?

    The Entertainment Tonight crap like this is nothing but a pee stop on the road to a destination that matters...the thing I don't understand is why so many people just pull up a stool at the pee stop and, well, stop.

  5. We love celebrity gossip because it is a distraction from the horror of the r.e.a.l. world. It is easier to judge a person than an action or idea. Gossip is more concrete.
    Anthropologists believe that gossip played a large role in the developement of language. Gossip could let the alpha male know if anyone else was 'mowin his lawn' while he was out 'clubbing' (not the clubbing that Paris does)

    btw Paris gets paid $100,000 to show up at some clubs. Not bad.

  6. Ohmygeegawgeeez

    Thanks to a pal-o-mine I just took a so-called "purity test" and at a paltry 40% pure your ever fair Lady ranked as ... Paris Hilton!

    So how do I get a gig that pays me crazy money for my bafoonery?!?

    Ever yours -Lady

  7. HE: Agreed, and trust you to throw out such trivia that, somehow, strangely, is enlightening.


    40 per cent pure? Does that mean you're 60 per cent unpure? Well...isn't that a good thing?

    Had a listen to your phone version of Stir Crazy...still waiting for enlightenment, my dear.

    Yep, gotta bash me over the head with a 2 x 4...

  8. Anonymous2:03 a.m.

    Excellent, love it! »


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