The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 29, 2006


WHILE I contemplate my next serious or innane topic, for those of you who tuned in this past week as I waxed nostalgic about my daughter's graduation and how women are for teasing and other stuff, here she is...

Graduating, and being forced to pose during said life landmark event with dad, a form of teasing in itself...

The OTHER male to the left is her love, of course, the dirty scoundrel (he's cool)...

Now where did that pic go of her in her pyjamas, hiding the big zit on her face with a pillow as I mercilessly snapped the digital?


  1. Smashingly lovely foto - Grad and Dad. Winning smiles on both, and with damn good cause! Congrats to your beautiful girl, and more to her loving Dad!

  2. I only hope my daughter is as elegantly forebearing when her turn comes.

  3. Lady,

    Thanks. Predictably, she and her mom were late both for the convocation and the reception, causing unnecessary but inevitable extra stress.

    Once the sit-down dinner came along, it was all over but the fun to come.

    My son and I giggled at the goofy photos he took of himself, no one liked the overcooked chicken madeira and I told her this was her night so we were outta there after dinner so she could start the real partying.

    Elegant she was...but I shoulda been there to grab a shot or two of her the next day, which was spent entirely sprawled out on the couch, a little worse for wear...


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